Shamanic Energy Training, January 13 2020

Where do I Start?

If you are seeking spiritual growth ...

Many of us want to learn new skills to augment those that we offer our clients and we certainly cater for this type of professional growth.  We also notice that most of the participants that come to us actually want to progress along their own personal spiritual journeys, or expand their existing spiritual practices; and they are interested in learning how to work with their own spirit teams.

The place to start if you wish to learn to navigate what we call 'hyperspace', is with Spirit Journeys training -this is where you learn how to consciously travel to the upper and lower realms of non-ordinary reality.  This training teaches what many trainings do not: how to stay energetically safe, and how to ask questions. These are the foundation skills necessary to move on to many of our other workshops.

In Spirit Journeys, we show you, and give you experience of, other methods to traverse hyperspace, as not all individuals have incarnated with the same native aptitudes.  Many are showing up with innate abilities that let them interact with these worlds with just their will and intention, and others require a painting by numbers approach. Both types of abilities are catered for in this workshop.

After this you can choose to learn how to work with all different types of spirits from animalsupper world teachersmythical creatures, and plants.  We focus on working with specific spirit categories as it provides a more potent and deeper experience.

These trainings are available as stand alone weekends for the different types of spirits.  For those of you that want to work with spirits in your clinic, these are great initiation weekends to begin this process. There is an about page that explains the philosophy and background, and you can find them in the Workshops Section.

If you want more energy, vitality, synchronicity and power ...

If you want more energy, greater health, vitality and power, try one of our 5 or 6 week Qigong based energy training series.  They are essential if you wish to also do spirit work as they fuel you with spiritual vitality to ensure you do not burn out. This is available on demand here: POWERTV

The series are theme-based and enable you to harness the energy of the group to help you clear stagnant energy, let go of the past, improve your manifestation skills and become more sensitive to energy. See the Classes Section to find them.

Everyone will benefit from Energy Training and this is especially the case for those looking to learn practices to gain more energy or find peace. We see the Qi Accrual (or energy accumulation) as the foundation of all our work, as these are the practices that literally fuel you with vitality so that you have enough juice to:

For those that want to become Facilitators and Practitioners ...

Participants who want to become facilitators and practitioners must complete Spirit JourneysSpirit AnimalSpirit Allies & Mythical Creatures, The Plant KingdomSacred Space Weaver. Sacred Space Weaver is an annual retreat held in Bali. It is a deep and potent initiation into your spiritual lineage, spirit work and sacred space holding, that can be applied to every aspect of your life and work. The techniques taught and knowledge gained can be applied in clinics, ceremonial spaces and your own spiritual practice, and it does not repeat what you would have already learned in the weekend workshops.

Ceremonialist is a week of powerful initiations.  Whilst it does stand up by it self, the work is further deepened, for those that wish to go further along the journey, by signing up for our one year mentorship programme which enables participants to embody the teachings at both a physical and inter-dimensional level. By the end of all this training you will have had numerous initiations as a practitioner of magickal arts.

Then Spirit Weaver takes you to the next level of workshops and initiations and is available to those who wish to deepen and augment their one to one work with clients in clinic. It also caters for those who wish to learn to do their own deep spiritual cleansing.

For those that want to experience Quantum Shifts in their life ... 

If you want to shift your reality and take quantum leaps then attend a Sacred Ceremony. Ceremonies and rituals add richness, depth, emotion, meaning, and order to our lives and relationships.  They connect us to our spirit teams in a ceremonial context to formalise the shifts brought about by our intentions.

Our sacred ceremonies are meticulously and ritually weaved to enable participants to enjoy a grounded experience and work on their inner selves in a high frequency setting of "no-time" (i.e., beyond time and space).  Our ceremonies are open to all and can be found in the Healing Spaces Section.

Some people have found the ceremonies and workshops life changing and deeply healing, and they are called to learn how to share it with others, by attending our annual retreat in Bali – Sacred Space Weaver.  

Women open to experiencing more Myth & Magick in their life ...

The Empress & the Dragon is a potent interdimensional programme that enables women to work with their energy, body, emotions and esoteric cauldrons (3 energy centres) in order to reconnect to their lineage and authentic selves.  This is an ascension pathway enabling women to walk the Divinity Path of the Great Goddess in order to consciously connect to their Tree of Life and ultimately, their Destiny.  These three  3 month journeys are quantum leaps that will awaken your gifts, inner resources and remembrance of what it truly means to be a powerful woman in today’s world.

Creating your own Upgrade path ...

The Packages Menu link takes you to our "Transformational Journeys" page. Transformational Journeys enable you to tailor learning and healing programmes, made up of multiple workshops, classes and therapy sessions, and conveniently spread the cost over a suitable term.

As soon as you signup, you are able to attend classes, workshops or healing sessions, and pay as per your tailored monthly payment plan.

On that page you will find examples of "Journeys" that have already been taken by previous participants, and you are able to create your own individual journey to combine workshops, classes and healing sessions using the form at the bottom of that page.

Check out our Event Page for a chronological list of upcoming events

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