Shamanic Energy Training, January 17 2022

About our Spirit Work Programme

Spiritual work is deeply rewarding and allows you to navigate life from your Soul’s unique perspective, but it is not all unicorns and rainbows.  The dark nights of the soul, the trials and tribulations, the tough initiations; these are a very real aspects of this work.  We aim to bring grounding, responsible practice, integrity, reciprocity, love and respect to this work, so you can navigate your journey with tools and attitudes that support a greater sense of trust and knowing. 

Our workshops provide a comprehensive system of teachings and experiences to enable energy workers, therapists, experienced practitioners, psychics and shamanic aspirants, a safe and grounded space to develop, hone and invoke intuitive practice and skills.  We combine these with an understanding of Taoist energy principles.  In many instances, we are filling in the gaps left by other systems.

For those who prefer to have guidance on where to start, the numbers in the diagram below denote a level of proficiency, ability and progress through our training:

In the beginning, for many of us, it seems as though we are making up spirit interactions in our heads, as we try to learn genuine communication. This is one of the hardest things for students to make tangible and real.  Some have it a lot easier than others, and it is useful to remember that we must find a method that works for us. Gradually, as the neural pathways are established, it seems as though the spirits decide to answer our call.  This is a key transition point, and many become scared, or confused as to how to move through it.  All of a sudden, “this stuff is real!" - which may take years for some. We have seen proficiency in this work requires a minimum 3 year commitment.

Time is irrelevant in this case, as all spirit work done from a heart centred space is carried across lifetimes. One of our biggest realisations with spirit work is that you don’t know what you don’t know. We studied with different teachers for years but felt that some things just were not quite complete or that information was missing.  It is a feeling where your Soul tells you there is more to know...

We are grateful to our original teachers, but had to start learning again from more advanced teachers, and the spirits themselves; and our whole world opened up, it was divine timing for the deeper teachings for which we had prayed. When you can surrender to a state of not knowing, and honest acceptance of your own ignorance, this creates a more receptive state for 'spirit' to provide answers and give you what you need to know to move forward.

This is what drives us.  Finding, discovering, mastering and sharing the tools that we lacked, that when found, have enriched our lives.  We love sharing these tools with others in the hope that it can make their journey less bumpy and more rewarding.

We realise that all of this work is our helping spirits way of teaching us to become more humane. The spirits provide answers and direction that show us how to respect, acknowledge and honour Great Spirit.  We are spirits inhabiting bodies, so in that sense they are teaching us how to interact with one another, in service to each other.  

All of our training is based on lineage realignment and honest spirit communication.  We do not expect you to copy and paste the work that we teach, but rather we wish for you do develop your own perspectives, tools, and techniques, in line with your spirit teams and lineage.  You have to put in the time with yourself, doing your own healing, and with the spirits, who are your true teachers. This takes patience and determination, and takes time to achieve proficiency - all in divine timing.

There is a lot of ignorance, deception, trickery and booby traps out there. We will provide instruction on the pitfalls, and inform you what to look out for, and what to avoid.  This is indispensable with your own spiritual practice, and also enables you to become a better spirit worker in support of others.

Spirit work is infinite and it is an ongoing journey, which traverses life time after life time.  If this work calls you, we are here with open hearts ...

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