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Mentoring Testimonials

Mentoring Programme

To embody our medicine and for our growth as a Ceremonialist / Magical Practitioner, this support is absolutely priceless. My true heartfelt love, honour and gratitude goes to Sharon for her medicine. Her unwavering support goes to new levels within this space and I count my blessings everyday. Same goes to the Guardians of The Temple of Mythical Magick, who have brought down tough lessons and teachings, and have ensured I stay in integrity within this work.Taking this step was so important for me to be able to navigate a Ceremony Space knowing that my Medicine Wheel is strong, supported and in right relationship. The layers of connection has opened up my senses to all new levels and the monthly focuses create a perfect amount of work to continually evolve your offerings. The depth of knowledge in working within the coven can reveal your true gifts, passions and allow you to live more in alignment with your purpose. The way it all unfolds is pure magic, synchronistic and will truly leave your jaw on the ground saying… “You Cant Make This Shit Up”.

I can wholeheartedly say that the Plant Spirit mentoring has been the most powerful, spirit strengthening, life affirming thing in which I have ever participated.

Not only has my knowledge base exploded over the last months but the whole experience of being part of a support group of amazing humans has been a game changer. To feel safe to express not only what may be going on with our work but also the challenges we are facing in our lives, and to see those same things reflected back has again reinforced the understanding that we are all “one”. And from this place we have all been through amazing growth.In the beginning I wasn’t sure if the mentoring was for me. Firstly I hadn’t had a lot to do with plant ceremonies, I didn’t live in Melbourne so couldn’t attend regular classes or workshops and I struggle with not being “enough”.

So when the money miraculously appeared, I knew it was part of my plan.

Sharon has been the most generous mentor of her time, support and sharing of her incredible information. The private mentoring sessions are like direct channels just for you.

The Q&A have been invaluable for getting through the blocks and the teaching classes are next level. I will be eternally grateful for the doors to my own medicine that have been opened through the mentoring, and the safe space to be seen.

I will be referring back to the videos for many years to come.

Much love xxxx

A letter to those contemplating the next step, remember, there will always be a next step! You are being presented with an opportunity and this is my experience having taken that step. The Galactic Coven being created has been a monumental part of my life and a true wealth of knowledge from the get go. I feel I have been weaving lifetimes to make it to this and finally feel that I can let my guard down. I have rapidly changed in vibration with the group and become part of a family that will accept me no matter what, and most importantly, given me the confidence to be my magical self. Have you ever felt at one with the universe? Have you ever truly felt that unity consciousness in a human setting with other people/group/team? In todays age, this feeling with a group is so so rare with so much comparison and competition, but this is the space that brings absolutely no judgement, just unconditional love.

When Sharon first mentioned the mentoring on the Bali Retreat I knew I needed to do it. I felt a full body yes and recognised it as being something important for my journey.

In the months that followed Bali I began my integration of all of the Ceremonialist activations which plunged me deep into the Void. The Bali Training set in motion a total Re-Birth and metamorphosis of myself and life so that I could be re-aligned to my true self and free to walk my organic soul path. Commencing the mentoring while going through this has been so incredibly supportive and key for me in committing to the path of becoming a Ceremonialist and Spirit Worker.

Sharon truly is a master "Soul Midwife" and having her on-going guidance, support and insight into the changes I am going through and guiding me on how I can upgrade not only myself but my work, business and soul mission has been phenomenal. She has allowed me to see who I really am, my gifts, how I can best serve and who I am here to be in this lifetime.

Joining the Galactic Coven + being initiated into the Dragon Lineage is one of the most precious gifts I have ever given myself. From the moment we started it was like rocket-fuel was blasted over my life and it has been a 24/7 constant weaving.

Sharon holds the group in an interdimensional field + "Unity Consciousness" template and going through the ride alongside my fellow Coven Members has been a life-changing experience.

I have made deep friendships with those I know to be Soul Family and now walking this Magickal path with a full group of incredible souls surrounding me; I feel more supported than I ever have before. There is no competition between us, just unconditional support and encouragement and knowing they all have my back has given me incredible courage to live my life in the way my heart leads me to live.

Everything that we have been learning in the teaching modules has been fascinating and has taken my work to powerful new levels that all my long-term clients and students have been recognising.

Each month as I have more curiosities and enquiries emerge Sharon always continues to blow me away with her answers, wisdom and generous knowledge she shares. It is EPIC. I always knew I would do the mentoring but it's funny as just before it began I had some major resistance, which was primarily financial concerns. Could I make this happen? Should I make the investment, etc? I need to have not worried AT ALL. I ended up making the investment back within the first 2 - 3 ceremonies that I ran. In fact I realise now that was part of my initiation as the coven journey has really shifted me out of any scarcity consciousness and fully into abundance consciousness.

I know and trust now that my spirit team fully has my back to help me create my life on my terms + will always bring me the resources I need to support that. True Power Magick indeed!!

The Plant Spirit Ceremonialist training in Bali feels like a lifetime ago, so much has happened since. It was a huge catalyst to what has proceeded since becoming a part of the Coven and mentoring program, it is a full body immersion of ancient teachings and practices on a multi-dimensional level.

Initially I had niggling doubts as to whether I would “fit in” and if I was “worthy” being a part of such a group. All of those illusions have been shattered and something even more profound is now cemented into my awareness and being. It has helped heal my wounds of rejection, separation and fear in order for me to step into the leadership role that I am being called into, whilst learning to ground my power, ideas and inspirations. Receiving the insights and then anchoring them.

The mentoring group is an opportunity to be a part of a collective, round table, experience where you will feel completely supported to go through your own personal processes whilst learning deep shamanic practices and protocols unique to this training, and whilst learning from one of the best. You will not find the information that Sharon so generously shares in this program anywhere else and the level of personal support is bountiful.

To work within a collective consciousness of growth and abundance is extremely powerful. I have experienced a strong collective power transfer into my everyday life, which has had such an influential and profound impact since joining the Coven. I have experienced old structures and programs disintegrating, learnt what needs to be deconstructed in order to be rebuilt to bring me in absolute alignment with my truth.

As I have gone through initiations and upgrades, I have been able to do so from a non-attached witnessing and with an open curiosity as I raise my level of power and abundance consciousness on many levels.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to work on a deep multi-dimensional level and has an eagerness and a desire for growth and expansion, to step into and embody the highest version of you.

It has assisted me to evolve and activate an immense amount of personal power within me, learning to master these energies and use them in support of other people. A wide range of topics is covered and a lifetime of magickal and supportive tools and practices to envelop and integrate into your daily practices are shared.

I feel that I have stepped into and claimed aspects of my power with the support and encouragement of the Coven. It has not only been a place of immense teaching and learning, it has now become my Magickal family who I have infinite love and deep respect for. I can’t imagine my life without it (them) and the deep soul connections that we have all made.

With upgraded abundant consciousness I have not only facilitated a sold out plant spirit ceremony I have also included new offerings into my business, increased my 1:1 session prices and released a new online teaching and mentoring program which has already paid for the Coven in full and so much more.

I have learnt how to access higher knowledge and gained a developed sense of my unique talents and gifts, developing a deeper pathway of service in my own unique way.

Bianca Jewell

Libby Penning

Sara Brooke

Dean Benson

"This has been one huge transformation for me. I do truly live this now. When I’m working with clients I’m working with my team in a completely new way, I’m working with a plant or my wheel or journeying as a way of life. This work has become my life and my life has become this work. Such deep gratitude for your leadership for the last year, it has been EPIC!!!"

Comment from mentoring participant

Participants who attend Sacred Space Weaver Training,  can become globally certified after completion of the mentoring programme which runs for a year. Certification requires that you protect the work, respect the teachings and honour the lineages.

The programme provides a platform for community, support, tools and advanced training; to equip you to deliver high calibre work, grounded with high integrity. Deepen your knowledge and skills and ensure that the work done on the retreat is continued, integrated and applied with love, honour and respect. Sharon draws from an extensive toolbox and no topic is off limits; allowing you to soak up her experience and training to expedite your journey and ability to do this work.

The mentoring programme will help you deepen your understanding of animism, shamanism, magick, spirit work, ceremony, energy and spirit weaving. This is a truly unique mentoring opportunity. It will take you deeper into your innate magick and enable you to embody the work at a cellular level. Note, all of the ceremonialist trainers who facilitate the Bali training, believe in continual growth, learning and expansion, and receive ongoing mentorship.

Some of the typical mentoring topics:

  • Dreaming Wheels & Medicine Shields
  • Lineage work including re-alignment with your own lineage
  • Working with the Celtic Wheel of the Year – an animistic perspective
  • Sacred geometry
  • Number magick
  • Planetary magick
  • Middle Earth magickal practices
  • Quantum Manifestation
  • More on working with Devas and Plant Patrons
  • Plant communions
  • Spiritual Hygiene
  • Facilitator self care practices – this is not what you may think!
  • Guidelines on running your own esoteric mentoring programmes
  • Reconciliation protocols
  • Spiritual Marketing

This is a globally accredited programme, backed by the INTERNATIONAL ENERGETIC HEALING ASSOCIATION. Certification will be given to those that participate in the mentoring, have completed the following courses: Spirit Animal, Spirit Allies & Mythical Creatures; and who meet our standards as a Ceremonialist.

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