This transformational initiation will change how you view this reality, and enhance the way you work with the spirit world for life.

We welcome space holders, healers, teachers, therapists, facilitators and ceremonialists, who wish to add spirit work and energy principles to augment their personal offerings, and develop an honest relationship with the spirits of their medicine wheel.

This is an IEHA Globally Accredited Course ...

We will take over Vine & Branches so you can work undisturbed from outside influences. You will be able to leave the everyday behind and get a full detox from work, life, and family, enabling you to immerse yourself in the training and initiations.

This retreat is supported by a chef, 2 facilitators, and a competent, harmonious team of therapists, ceremonialists and space holders who are experts and teachers in their chosen fields.

This event is normally run in Bali, however, due to the current global situation, it will now be run in Melbourne.


Join us and claim your medicine!

Developing the right relationship with the land is a major aspect of this programme, which will be taught in a variety of formats so that you learn to work with any Spirit of any Land in right relationship after this event.

This is an eventful week full of ceremony, ritual magick, powerful group processes, embodiment practices, integration, and surprise guests to enhance your learning experience.

For those wishing to dive deeper, there is an optional twelve month mentoring programme, which is an ongoing training, initiation and transmission for those that want to fine tune and strengthen their abilities as practitioners of magickal arts.

Sharon Bolt, Creator & Training Facilitator

"The teachings of this workshop are an accumulations of 18 years of my own personal experience from travelling the world learning from many different teachers and masters.

I am a frequently sought out Ceremonialist, and have personally conducted over 500 ceremonies in Australia, the UK, Spain and Hong Kong.  I have trained apprentices in this work and have ongoing students in these countries.

I look forward to sharing with you what I have learnt to assist you on your journey to becoming a strong Circle facilitator and, in time, a Ceremonialist.

There will be advanced levels of this training, and on going supervision for those that do the work and see the immense benefit it will bring into their lives..."

This work can also be applied in one to one sessions. Together, we will identify, meet and recruit your own spirit team and learn esoteric protocols to enable you to safely co-create with the spirit world with integrity.

Plus you will learn the secrets of working with the Plant Spirits of Cacao and Blue Lotus, as well as psychic protection master plants; so that you can adapt what you learn to co-create with ANY spirit (plants, crystals, spirit animals, deities, ancestors etc) in ceremony.

This unique training and mentoring programme, will ensure you are ready and able to hold sacred spaces and shamanic ceremonies with integrity, honour and love. You will learn how to create, organise and facilitate grounded, and high frequency circles and ceremonies, workshops and trainings that will empower your life and business to new heights.

A week of Co-Creation, Ceremony and Connection ...

No ceremonial footage was captured to preserve the sacredness and integrity of the work ...

Sunday 20th - 27th of February 2022

An Initiation into Ceremonial & Magickal Arts ...