What Every Space Holder should know

Shamanic Energy Training, January 23 2023

There is so much confusion about what makes a sacred space, sacred.  Sharon shares her insights after having navigated spaces for 20 years and teaching others how to do this work for over a decade: Our next training intake for Sacred Space Weaver in person in Melbourne starts Sat March 25th - (7day retreat), or 3 months online from mid

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Shamanic Magician Programme

Shamanic Energy Training, February 21 2022

We feel that, In truth all humans are of, from and part of Divinity, and a life that does not include this belief, can become shallow and without substance. Without substance, we can become spiritually under nourished, forgetting we are Divine, and feel disconnected from ourselves, not really understanding who we are, and our purpose in this incarn...

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Energy Training Explained

Shamanic Energy Training, January 23 2022

Energy Training combines a variety of effective and enjoyable techniques to develop your mind, body and spirit connection. These include respiratory meditation; meridian focused exercises; holding, or burning postures; and martial arts. It is one of the most tangible ways to experience the body-mind connection and build up, and strengthen, one’s su...

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About our Spirit Work Programme

Shamanic Energy Training, January 17 2022

Spiritual work is deeply rewarding and allows you to navigate life from your Soul’s unique perspective, but it is not all unicorns and rainbows.  The dark nights of the soul, the trials and tribulations, the tough initiations; these are a very real aspects of this work.  We aim to bring grounding, responsible practice, integrity, reciprocity, love...

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Spirituality is wholeness, IT IS NOT AN ESCAPE into the head at the expense of the body or our connection to earth.

Shamanic Energy Training, January 31 2020

The biggest transformer of that energy, which is literally the conduit through which everything flows in our lives, is Mother Earth. She transforms universal energy and provides many forms of nourishment. We receive earth energy directly into our bodies via the Stomach and Spleen organs and Meridians, which further process and transform earth energ...

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Where do I Start?

Shamanic Energy Training, January 13 2020

If you are seeking spiritual growth ... Many of us want to learn new skills to augment those that we offer our clients and we certainly cater for this type of professional growth.  We also notice that most of the participants that come to us actually want to progress along their own personal spiritual journeys, or expand their existing spiritual...

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Responding to Mass Trauma events

Shamanic Energy Training, January 5 2020

There's a lot of concerning events happening around the globe right now and, combined with the disasters impacting everyone on this continent, there is a huge sense of global mass trauma, which has the potential to fire up our own ancestral and childhood traumas, and possibly crash our already overloaded nervous systems. Times like this can corral...

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Permission in Spirit Work

Shamanic Energy Training, November 30 2019

Determining whether you have permission is an important consideration before proceeding with spirit work; and distance work, adds even more complication to this, regardless of whether the intention is for  an individual or for large numbers. The ethical practice of spirit work, requires us to obtain express permission, in ordinary reality, from any...

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Shamanic Initiations

Overlooked protocols and etiquette for holding sacred space

Shamanic Energy Training, October 31 2019

Holding shamanic ceremonies and opening sacred spaces is very popular right now. Ceremony tends to create a “reality distortion field” which beguiles and amazes the participants into a feeling of being looked after, and they believe that the person in front of them is the cause of the magical experience they are having; leaving them blissfully unaw...

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Language & Energy

Joseph Callender, May 6 2018

Some time ago I was fortunate enough to study the Sanskrit language. At that time I was opening up to the idea that language used to fully describe our reality. I was taught that the laws of Sanskrit grammar mirrored the laws of creation, especially in relation to sound and vibration and I was fortunate enough to experience this, first hand, with s...

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