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Tailor your own 2021 Transformation

Fuel Your Awakening!

"Transformational Journeys" enable you to participate in tailored learning and healing pathways, made up of multiple workshops, classes and therapy sessions, and conveniently spread the cost over a suitable term. As soon as you signup, you are able to attend classes, workshops or healing sessions, and pay as per your tailored monthly payment plan.

Payment Plans for a small number of items will incur a payment plan fee. Larger commitments may qualify for discounted rates in many cases; and this year there are many more healing and coaching sessions that can be included included in your Journey.

Below are some curated "Journeys" and you may also create your own Journey to combine workshops, classes and healing sessions that you find appealing. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page; tell us what you are interested in, and we will get in touch to create your plan and answer any questions.

Call Joseph on 0499619244 for a quicker response.

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Energy Transformation Journey

This journey enables you attend all of our Energy Training Series.

This Journey includes attendance to:

$145 per month for 5 months (Total AU$725)

Psychic Development Journey

$260 per month for 10 months (Total AU$2,600)

Fuel Your Awakening Journey

$305 per month for 12 months (Total AU$3,660)

Lineage Upgrade Journey

This journey let's you focus on your family and ancestors.  It provides an opportunity to address systemic ancestral issues, clear ancestral and lineages curses and remove entities attached to the lineage and develop your own psychic abilities so that you can connect and carry on part of this work yourself ...

This Journey includes attendance to:

$300 per month for 12 months (Total AU$3,600)

Custom Journey Creation Form

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After you fill the above request, we will contact you to go over details to work out the best payment option for you. If you would like a faster service and direct information on any course prices, please contact us at 0499 619 244 or [email protected]

NOTE: this form sends you a confirmation email that you will need to respond to in order for the form to reach us ..