Shamanic Energy Training, January 5 2020

Responding to Mass Trauma events

How to navigate the energy when tragic things happen 

There's a lot of concerning events happening around the globe right now and, combined with the disasters impacting everyone on this continent, there is a huge sense of global mass trauma, which has the potential to fire up our own ancestral and childhood traumas, and possibly crash our already overloaded nervous systems. Times like this can corral a sense of community and collective generosity, whilst at the same time make us feel impotent, helpless and under attack. 

Last week, a number of us banded together and spent a few hours in a combined medicine wheel working with our spirit teams to gather information to determine the best help that could be given to the plants, trees, animal and human spirits, as well as the land. It was such a potent experience for all involved,  and we have decided to do this more regularly. This is the aim of our ongoing hyperspace navigation sessions with advanced students, getting into deeper earth work and service for the benefit of the community and the world.

This type of work enables us to assist in shifting the energetic impact of such disasters and provides a level of assistance that most do not realise, also needs to be given. It requires permission (see Permission post ), training, and a deep and safe relationship with your spirit team.

Large events create a vibration that reverberates throughout the energies of the people around the world, and it is, therefore, natural that such events “tune” our frequencies into alignment with it. Sensitives may not be aware of the ripple effect that may be reverberating throughout their  bodies, and may not be aware that these are the causes of their anger, headaches, grief, bitterness, anxiety or stress that has flared up because of something happening on the other side of the world.

As our society has seemly demonised emotions, in the workplace, schools, and many family dynamics, we often are not taught, or find no time or space, to feel and release our emotional load; leading many to feeling a sense of overwhelm, because they have never been able to release years of built up emotion, which now forms the foundation of their ambient state of being.  This leaves us unable to express our feelings, or to truly know what lies unresolved within us on a personal level, and so our only release is to project considerable energy outward onto events like natural disasters.

Energetically, this may create dynamics where the energy of all our repressed and unresolved emotions, gets projected onto a situation, and may not be helpful, and may best be resolved by being willing to sit still and looking within: to discern and separate what may be naturally arising in ourselves as a reaction to the event vs. what we may be tuning into on a collective level.  

Our own pain and projections can sign post us to what we still need to resolve from our past or ancestry.  Plus we can assist the collective feeling by learning to ground, and dissipate extreme collective emotions as they arise. This will help the collective in unseen and unsung, but much needed ways.

If we can pay attention to our individual response to chaos, destruction, catastrophe, idiocy and darkness, we can notice if the world event is reminding us of all of the forces that we tend to ignore and deny in ourselves and in our modern Western sensibilities: loneliness, death, darkness, emotion, and uncertainty. Our response to a big bad situation is often our own projected fears regarding death.

We often deny ourselves the opportunity to parent and help grow and mature our "little selves" which need us to look within and sit with our own internal forces like death, destruction, and uncertainty, and to recognise that these forces are not something to ignore, suppress, deny, or to attempt to control, and view as “bad”. It is part of authentic spirit work to be able to sit comfortably and resolve any unhelpful or unhinging reactions to the darkest aspects of the human condition. 

If we can sit in recognition and acceptance of our own physical death, of the uncertainty of our existence, or the pain and upset we may be carrying, we can acknowledge the uncertainty, death, and destruction of all existence. Which can truly help to reduce most of our stress and anxiety about our own existence.  If we master this, then we will be truly in our power.

Accepting the idea that our lives are governed and influenced as much by uncertainty, chaos, destruction and death, as well as they are by order, love and light, generosity, etc., can allow for us to sit deeply with and accept all of the aspects of our being. 

We need warriors ...

" ... who are ready and willing to look at things with nuance, to be a part of things, to move beyond the separations between themselves and their feelings, their pain, the natural world, the spirit world, their physical bodies. To do deep healing work so that pain and unhealed trauma is not projected outward, creating more pain and trauma in our collective reality. To truly be of assistance. The type of concrete assistance that creates a positive ripple effect. While we may wish to help whatever the latest large news event is, someone assisting at a pet shelter, or assisting homeless individuals, simply smiling and bringing a bit of kindness into the world, expressing sincere gratitude, can create incredible ripples in our reality." 

Mary Shutan

If you can be the person that is doing your own inner work, to free yourself from the cycles of creating more pain in our reality, via gossip, lack of kindness, a desire to disturb individuals or groups, seeing people and sections of society as "other ", rather than being able to see their humanity and fallibility.  Then this will create a positive reverberation that will impact everyone's existence in a concrete way, and in ways that our discursive minds simply cannot fathom or imagine.

Please look after yourself

Please provide help in the physical world in any way your helping spirits suggest.  BUT, more importantly, resist the temptation to lose yourself and get carried along with the outrage, anger, despair and mass anxiety, as this could make you very vulnerable to outside interference, and potentially disconnect to the activating energy that is also flooding in right now.

Following a disaster, and after the appropriate amount of introspective work, most people will ultimately do well to return to their previous level of functioning. However, many will initially experience distressing thoughts, feelings, and physical symptoms and may engage in risky behaviours to help cope. The impacts and reactions can happen immediately or may appear after some time.

Common reactions after a disaster:

Helpful steps to cope:

We hope you are all safe and send our love for the new year

We wish you well for 2020

All our Love

The Shamanic Energy Training Team

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