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ONLINE on 21st Nov

A Spirit Animal Immersion

Deepen, or begin, your relationship with your Spirit Animals in this unique immersion...

In this unique two day immersion, you will participate in a weekend of animal journeys, energy and embodiment practices, meditation & spirit rituals ...

  • Energy Principles
  • Spirit Animal theories across various Shamanic traditions
  • Distinguish between Spirit Animals & Totems
  • Create Medicine Wheels
  • Learn how to work with Spirit Animals safely
  • Co-creating with Spirit Animals
  • Reciprocity
  • Embodying Spirit Power
  • Spirit Animal Management
  • Animal Journeys for discovery, insights and healing
  • Learning to distinguish between Benevolent and Malevolent Spirits
  • How to incorporate Animals in Energy work & every day life
  • Taoist Animal Training
  • Animals in Plant Spirit Shamanism
  • Energetic Animal Overlays
  • When to stop working with an animal and when to request a new one
  • Spiritual Cleanliness

A weekend of Journeying, Experience and  Co-Creation ...

We invite you to dive deep into a spirit animal training that blends metaphysical principles, energy principles, Taoist teachings, mysticism, and Plant Spirit shamanism into a complete system and energy template.

This workshop is an amalgamation of our training from various teachers around the world (witches, druids, shamans) but also the training given directly to the trainers by their animal and plant spirit teachers.  Some of these tools and techniques, we guarantee, you will not have heard before. Our aim is to deliver a complete system that you can work with safely, and incorporate into your daily life.

Spirit Journey Training is a prerequisite for Spirit Animal .  It is possible to attend Spirit Journey online; this is 4 plus hour long training, and is essential so that you get some journey practice.  

Form Scrolls Up & Down

Form Scrolls Up & Down

Maximum event size is 20 for the IN Person Workshop.

Investment is $555 for both events ...

To secure your place, you must pay a $100 deposit

The Next Event: 21st Nov, starting at 3pm

This Event is now ONLINE and spread over 4 weekends.

Please email for additional information.

Email: [email protected]


Mobile Booking

Once again Sharon and Joe have blown me away with their divine combined talents, both native and acquired. From the moment I entered the space I could feel subtle energetic flashes that tend to attune me to the presence of palpable fields being formed with regards to this kind of work. This, despite being utterly unprepared and completely drained from an intense previous week. Yet as the weekend unfolded I found myself marking familiar connections with the work that stretched back through my life, clearly illustrating a long drawn out set up leading to this moment.

As we created more and more links through the various exercises, I saw how some animals that came through were obvious and quite familiar, while others represented my shadow fears and had been previously my opponent. This was an incredible enlightenment, as it not only highlighted such fears, but also opened a path for healing and reconciliation, as well as creating an opportunity for massive empowerment.

As far as the actual work of journeying went, I found myself way out of my depth. It was a great insight to see how far I have to go and learn in the work Sharon and Joe present. Juxtapositionaly, I was also offered a window into how far I have equally come in terms of the foundational work of the Elemental Warrior classes. I also gained greater insight as to another layer of their import, serving as a timely reminder as to their value in terms of regular practise. I fondly look forward to further exploring Spirit Animal journeying as I create a stronger muscle to experience more than the psychic morsels my capabilities currently limit me to.

I would recommend this work to anyone who want to delve deeper into themselves and shine light on the darker hidden aspects that lie just below the surface. I also commend Sharon and Joe to the deep honouring that in their words is long overdue for the animals and the vital roles that they play in the lives of ourselves and the planet. Can’t wait to see whats next!

Julze Serendipity


Thank you Joe and Sharon for an amazing Spirit Animal workshop!  I found the weekend flew by but A LOT of healing was done in such a short amount of time. The workshop was informative yet easy to absorb and process all the information. I left the workshop feeling energised and on a high, yet grounded at the same time. I received gifts and insights from the weekend beyond what I ever thought I would.

As I take the advice from the messages I received, I feel myself being more in flow and opening to life.  I haven’t felt this grounded in a long time and I now have tools and the confidence to be able to connect with my spirit animal team whenever I need.  

To anyone thinking about doing this workshop, I highly recommend it.   All I can say is - if you feel called to the Spirit Animal workshop listen to your intuition as there will be gifts in there for you.

Love and Gratitude

Mardi Sprigg

Bridgette Reid

Thank you Sharon & Joe for sharing your wisdom at the Spirit Animal training. Doing this work has made me so much stronger in myself.

It’s been 3 weeks and I am still reaping the benefits, I have gone deeper into my own truth, met more of my spirit team / animals and feel a overwhelming sense of calm as I know I am not alone and have a much closer connection to spirit.

I have attracted so many cool experiences in the past 3 weeks and feel that my new level of consciousness is serving me well in much of the truth and synchronicity I am experiencing in my life.

Thank you…. I have searched far and wide to find the answers I am finding through your trainings.   I can’t wait to do more training

Spirit Animal:

A jam packed weekend where Sharon & Joseph will help you meet and work with your Spirit Animal team in a respectful, safe and humble way. I came in with a small idea of what to expect, but what I walked away with was something that has come into my life like a tidal wave. It was a really enjoyable training, where I left with a huge smile on my face.

The best part about training with this team, is that you will be treated as an individual and you will be empowered to work the way that is best for you. The training is very in-depth, with many facets, cultures, lineages and varied ideologies explained. Finding training that enables you to walk your path your way is rare, so i could not recommend any higher.

After this weekend, I found much more confidence and support in my energy. I was exponentially more aware of my surrounding environment and understanding of myself. Now I have strong desire to continue exploring down this never ending rabbit hole with a sense of adventure.

Dean Benson

Journey Training:

As a precursor to the Spirit Animal Training, I found this 4 hour intensive session extremely beneficial to really understand how to communicate with spirit. I came away with the framework, to understand how to project myself into other realms and explore what works for me individually.Working with the Drum allowed us to enter different states of consciousness.

This was something that i was initially fearful of not being able to do, but after just a little practice, it has become like riding a bike.As I am someone who usually finds information for himself, I must express training with this team is priceless. There is no doubt in my mind that the wisdom taught by Sharon & Joseph comes from a pure place with many years of training and extensive experience.  

Highly Recommend!