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We call upon the Old Ones, and ancient family, to ask that you assist us, to heal the burden carried by this family soul...  

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Ancestral Healing Ceremony Overview:

This workshop is a precious gift to the living and the Dead

Our family members are permanently connected.

The energies of both the living and the dead make up the family field, also known as the: 'The Family Soul'.

In many families there can be as many as 20 plus generations of sick, dead relatives.

These dead, sick beings, influence our lives, lower our vibrations, and contribute to the number of things in our energy that can be 'triggered' by others.

Ancestral Healing  group ceremonies are focussed on healing our dead relatives and promoting them to Ancestors.

This is an incredible gift back to your lineage.

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Ancestral Healing

This experiential Ceremony will help you put right those things that are not right in your ancestry.  

We will use shamanic ceremony and rituals, as well as our spirit teams to assist you in promoting your dead relatives to their rightful positions in the family and finally link the dead back to the living.

These ceremonies will assist participants to restore their connection to the flow of love, life-force and power from their ancestors.

This is NOT like a Family Constellation workshop

All participants will work on their OWN Families. You will need to have done Spirit Journeys and either Spirit Animal or Spirit Allies & Mythical Creatures, before attending this Workshop.

A One Day Workshop Ceremony for the `initiated'

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Energy Exchange is:

$333 per ceremony


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Venue: Private - exact address, in Caulfield South VIC, will be disclosed sometime after booking.

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What Makes this ceremony Special

Some souls pass with unfinished business and unresolved issues. Others, whose lives are extremely heavy, still carry the pain of their existence after death.  In both situations, the ancestor may linger and attach to the family, rather like an entity, instead of an expansive contributing force to the lineage.  These souls are in pain and can influence the lives of their family in dramatic ways.

We may also take on this energy ourselves, from an unconscious sense of loyalty; or just be plagued by the heavy burden of the emotional baggage. So if one of your ancestors suffered from extreme poverty, they may still be in your field and that poverty energy may be literally around you all the time. They will plague you until they are released and healed.

This Ancestral Healing experience is a gift to your lineage and will fundamentally alter the manner in which your energy shows up in your co-creations. This work will help to free your living relatives of the family burden and free current descendants from having to repeat those same family patterns.  It will once again connect the living to the ancestors.  

This is sacred and effective self work that is held in a reverent and respectful shamanic container.

In this situation the order will need to be restored so they can energetically restore the ancestral flow of love and life force.

Tribal cultures have order “woven” through them and maintain awareness of their ancestry and lineages.

Our Parents came before us, and without them we would not be here.

All parents deserve to be honoured and we recognise that some healing may need to happen to facilitate this. Come and re-weave the sacred ancestral soul of your lineage.

This is sacred ancestral and shamanic work and we can't wait to share this space with you ...

Everyone in the family is entitled to belong to the group. Exclusions, such as miscarriages, abortions and adoption, will throw out the family order. In such cases recognition, healing and inclusion may be necessary.

When our parents are having difficulty, we may subconsciously (or consciously) wish to take on their burden.  This stops the flow of love and life-force and affects the family order. We may sometimes judge our parents, which also upsets the natural order, and therefore the flow of love and life force.

A child may also be placed, by circumstance, voluntarily or mostly against their will, into a a position of having to “parent” their own parents or siblings, which unfortunately makes them “miss out” on their own childhood and puts them out of order.