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We are, in truth, Divine.


A life that does not include this belief, can become shallow and without substance. Without a life of substance, we can become spiritually under nourished, forgetting we are Divine, and we become disconnected from ourselves, not really understanding who we are, and our purpose in this incarnation. This may leave us jaded, narrow focussed and preoccupied with the trivial and insignificant.


Without purpose, we wonder around aimlessly, allowing the ideas and principles of a greedy corporate system to govern how we live our lives and get caught up in programmes, to which we give away our power and freedom; sacrificing precious time and vitality for someone else’s benefit and in so doing, losing ourselves and all perspective.


Many human issues arise from the constant bypassing of our true essence, we have become toxic in many areas of our existence, and have traded ‘depth of wisdom’ for shallow experience and insignificance.  


Many have become  unsophisticated, and gradually fall out of sync with the natural order of things.  Ironically, our humanness could benefit from the guidance and support of those who have transcended their ‘humanness’.  This is why we make contact with our Spirit Allies. To Learn to be Wise and in tune with the natural order of things.


When I first encountered the Spirit Realms, I was reminded that there was so much I had to learn from the animal perspective, their social conventions and their vantage point.  So we included Spirit Animal immersions in our offerings. By itself, this would be a great pursuit, however, we don’t just stop at teaching you how to access those who dwell in the spirit realms.  That would just be another spiritual bypass.


There must be a reason to do this work, and it must be useful.


Shamanic Magician FOUNDATIONS, uses spirit work and shamanic experience to take you through a journey of self discovery and exploration.


Spirit work provides access to the other two thirds of creation that many are unaware of, and we use experiential journeys to lead you to examine how you are showing up in many aspects of your life.  You will begin to understand what sort of person you have become, and how useful you are to the world around you.


This is now our focus for the containers that we run.


We provide a well held, explorative space, for you to gain insights and perspectives on many of life’s key areas - showing your strengths and character issues through the lens of your own spirit allies and ancestors - who will show you with love and kindness (mostly) how well you show up to meet your personal situations.


You will also learn much more about the spirit world, meet some new allies and be shown right honouring principles to ensure you respect this craft and conduct yourself with decorum and grace.  Participants are also exposed to the concepts of creating Sacred Space, and the dos and don’ts of interacting with ascended Spirits.


Our Aim is to:  

  • Create and teach how to hold Sacred spaces that invoke Divine Grace
  • Build energetic frameworks that support a your ability to hold the frequency of love
  • Teach skills, techniques and tools to awaken and develop shamanic and psychic abilities Tune in to all forms of benevolent transcended masters, loving teachers, guides, skilful healers, magicians and shamans
  • Access ancient Wisdom, Power, Grace, Love and Strength
  • Do all the above without losing yourself and impacting your safety
  • Help you deconstruct and remake your existence from a more advantageous footing
  • Help you to create a better version of you


The Shamanic Magician programme has extensive supervision and mentoring to foster the growth of participants.  We welcome all who wish to, and are ready to undertake this journey of lineage alignment, consciousness expansion and growth.

Payment plans are available and we promise you that you will not find a training like this anywhere else ...

Simone Demanuele & Joseph Callender talk about Shamanic Magician Foundations - 21 mins


Tara Yoga Centre, Export House,

25-31 Ironmonger Row, London, EC1V 3QW

Rooms: Hridaya & Shiva

Workshops: Spirit Journeys, Spirit Animal, Spirit Allies & Mythical Creatures


An in person Journey to build the foundation for the Shamanic Magician Programme...

Module 1: Spirit Journeys begins 16th of July in England 2023.

Module 2: Spirit Animal begins July 22nd 2023.

Module 3: Spirit Allies & Mythical Creatures - Aug 5.

Module 4: Pendulum is ONLINE Aug 31...


Foundations ensures an appropriate grounding for participants and provides a chance to absorb, and embody the knowledge and practice.


If you have previously taken any of the workshops you can choose to repeat them (at a reduced price - we are always updating them).

It's also possible to create a tailored plan that excludes the ones you have already taken or add other workshops or sessions to your plan.


The in person sessions are all on a weekend - Spirit Journeys and Pendulum single day workshops ( 2 separate days online) and Spirit Animal and Spirit Allies & Mythical Creatures are run over 2 days. The ONLINE Pendulum ZOOM workshop will be live on Thursdays @ 6:30pm Melbourne time and will run over 2 separate days one week apart for  2 1/2 hours each.


The workshops are also supported via a Facebook group - which will remain open for the entire journey for support and guidance.

The recorded sessions will be uploaded to the facebook group.


What Every Space Holder should know

There is so much confusion about what makes a sacred space, sacred.  Sharon shares her insights after having navigated spaces for 20 years and teaching others how to do this work for over a decade: Our next training intake for Sacred Space Weaver in person in Melbourne starts Sat March 25th - (7day retreat), or 3 months online from mid

Read Blog:

Shamanic Magician FOUNDATIONS is the first step before ceremony work can begin.

We have crafted a unique journey, to mentor and guide you to becoming a competent and effective Spirit Worker.

The teachings of this programme are an accumulation of many years of personal experiences and a distillation of wisdom from many masters.

How do I know if this is right for Me?

You are:


  • Interested in improving  your connection to spirit and your spirit teams
  • Comfortable with shadow work and working with all different types of energies.
  • Aware of your own traumas, patterns and projections and wish to deepen your self work.
  • Willing to take full responsibility for the spirit doors that will open with this work.
  • Wishing to provide balance to people and help lift the energetic load of humanity.
  • Willing to serve your spirit team, the planet, your community and your family.
  • Grounded and practical, even when working with spirit.
  • More interested in lifting others than striving for your own personal enrichment and gains
  • Interested in a great return on your investment.


If you resonate with this work please get in touch.  We are happy to chat with interested participants to explain the work in more detail.

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Once you sign up you will receive an email with a code.

You are responsible for enrolling yourself on to eligible events using the code that you will receive after purchase.  We suggest that you enrol onto all of the workshops as soon as you get your code.

KEEP THIS CODE SAFE so that you can find it and use it when you need to book an event or appointment.

Each workshop has it's own terms and conditions. Please ensure you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of each event.

You can also sign up to individual workshops below

The Path of the White Dragon Initiate, prepares you to lead a Divine Life, where you take guidance and learn lessons from your real teachers, your ancestors and spirit teams.

When you can surrender to a state of not knowing, and honest acceptance of your own ignorance, this creates a more receptive state for 'spirit' to provide answers at the appropriate times that you need them to take the next step in your journey.  

This is a journey of embodiment, humility and gratitude, and will teach you patience, respect, honouring and many more Human skills and mindsets that seem to be missing from our usual educational sources.

All are welcome to the early stages of the work, and with continual mentoring, therapy and application, you can apply to partake in the later rituals, and initiations at an appropriate pace.

Experience what it means to work with different spirits: ancestors, devas, the angelic realm, mythical beings, power animals, elemental beings, grids, timelines, energies, akashic records, dimensions and frequencies to assist those that want deeper one to one work.

This is not a copy and paste training but an opportunity for you to develop your own skill set and ritual practices and heal your families, lineage and communities.