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It's never too late to have a happy childhood...

Milton Erikson

All members of our lineage are connected via an energy field: the Family Soul. This is like the Oversoul of the lineage.

Everything that affects or influences the family, imprints on the Family Soul.

Both the perpetrator energies and the victim energies are imprinted.

The family Soul seeks to release, or resolve these imprints to remove this energy from the family line.

Family Constellations group workshops or individual sessions, enable us to expose and resolve systemic family and ancestral imprints.

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Healing Childhood Wounds

Those lucky enough to receive and experience love, connection, safety, autonomy, dignity and justice in their formative years; are more likely to turn out well adjusted - which sets them up to be well with themselves and others. If these experiences were missing from our life, and the lives of our predecessors; the core, “unprocessed”, emotions that materialise in our system during trying times, in our formative years, tend to get stuck in our bodies and energy fields, and the resulting dis-ease, may then become the foundation of many of our physical, mental and emotional illnesses and issues. We have the ability and right to connect to love as humans, loving ourselves and our former selves as we are / were - loving our parents and their limits and knowledge as they are. Connecting to the love that exists in the family system, connects us to our ability to love ourselves. However, sometimes we need a little help ...

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Energy Exchange is:

$275 for Clients

$100 for Representatives

Please pay the representative fee to secure your place for this experience.  Should your issue be chosen on the day, you will then pay the remaining client fee.

We will cover 3 - 5 Issues on the DAY


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Venue: Private - exact address, in Caulfield South VIC, will be disclosed sometime after booking.

  • Clear stuck emotions and trauma

  • Clear ancestral lineage patterns

  • Help eliminate toxic family patterns

  • Remove obstacles to your success

  • Find your purpose and focus
  • Remove unconscious limiting patterns

  • Reframe unhelpful beliefs

  • Address systemic addictions and behaviour

  • Reinforce new behaviours

  • Address low esteem or self confidence

  • End dysfunctional family patterns

Family Constellations ...

This experiential workshop will help you put right those things that are not right in your family energy.  

We will use shamanic principles, group dynamics and psycho-drama to assist you in restoring the energy balance in your family system.

These workshops assist participants to restore their connection to the flow of love, life-force and power from their ancestors.

Participants will get to work on real world issues that hold them back and will benefit from the group participation and insight into their issue.

There will be 2 levels of participation:

  • As a Client: you will get to work on you own specific issue
  • As a Representative: you can participate in assisting a Client with their issue.

Regardless of the role you choose, all participants will benefit from the group healing that takes place ...

A One Day Workshop for Anyone ...

What influences our family SOUL

The following are imprinted on the Family Soul: miscarriages, rape, incest, abuse, mental health issues, anxiety, depression, poverty, murder, war, emigration, 'religious fundamentalism', etc.

The family soul will seek to resolve these influences by gifting ancestral 'fate' to current descendants. We may also take on this energy ourselves, from an unconscious sense of loyalty. So if one of your ancestors suffered from extreme poverty, that energy will trickle down the lineage, or we unconsciously take it on, until it is worked through and resolved. Equally, if one of our ancestors suffered from sexual abuse; the abuser energy and the victim energy gets imprinted and current family can be afflicted by either energy.  These patterns will continue until they are released.

Family Constellations, enables us to expose and resolve systemic family and ancestral issues.  It enables us to give responsibility back to the ancestors and 'entities' that introduced the 'dysfunctional' energies, to remove the energy from the current family system. This can help to free the current descendants from having to repeat those same family patterns.

This is sacred and effective self work that is held in a reverent and respectful shamanic field.

In this situation the order will need to be restored so they can energetically restore the ancestral flow of love and life force.

Tribal cultures have order “woven” through them and maintain awareness of their ancestry and lineages.

Our Parents came before us, and without them we would not be here.

All parents deserve to be honoured and we recognise that some healing may need to happen to facilitate this. Come and re-weave the sacred ancestral soul of your lineage.

This is sacred ancestral and shamanic work and we can't wait to share this space with you ...

Everyone in the family is entitled to belong to the group. Exclusions, such as miscarriages, abortions and adoption, will throw out the family order. In such cases recognition, healing and inclusion may be necessary.

When our parents are having difficulty, we may subconsciously (or consciously) wish to take on their burden.  This stops the flow of love and life-force and affects the family order. We may sometimes judge our parents, which also upsets the natural order, and therefore the flow of love and life force.

A child may also be placed, by circumstance, voluntarily or mostly against their will, into a a position of having to “parent” their own parents or siblings, which unfortunately makes them “miss out” on their own childhood and puts them out of order.