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There are Infinite possibilities unfolding for your life over the coming weeks, months and Years ...

Do you feel this infinite potential, or does it seem like it's diminishing, or slipping away?

Our present circumstances are a product of our self image, and the access we have had to energy and power reserves.

Luckily our Resources are neither limited, nor finite.

The Path of Power is a 9 month Reality Creation Programme aimed at those who wish to access the highest potential available to them.

Learn, Grow, Train & Evolve!

Be guided by a new understanding of energy principals, reality reconstruction, an updated self image, whilst learning how to tap into your own infinite resources of Energy & Power.

The Path of Power Overview

This is an Energy Mastery, and reality shifting experience, combining physical energy stabilisation, emotional wellbeing, energy focus and grounding, as well as Personal Energy Mentoring.

The Programme will help you stay embodied as you progress through the various tasks and exercises.  It will be experiential, and require physical, energetic and emotional work to support, whichever version of 'You' that you wish to upgrade and grow.

Plus you will get Joseph as an accountability mentor with monthly or bi - monthly catchups and assistance.

Where appropriate you will also benefit from being able to watch and learn from the mentoring given to other participants,  as well as being able to participate in group social interactions (outside of FB) and Group zoom calls. The content will be moulded to your needs and the needs of the Group.

Full 12 month access to Power TV and Power TV Social Portal .

Exclusive Access to Brand New Qigong Series, including new Dragon Forms and other themed Qigong Series...

What to expect

Energy Mastery & Reality Programming Mentoring and guidance delivered as Individual and Group Mentoring.

A Brand NEW 9 Week Qigong Experience exclusive to the Path of Power on Power TV.

Our Primary Channels get blocked with emotions.  They start as pathology, turn into emotional filters, or behavioural paradigms, then stagnate and become energy blocks.

Sign Up

Click the Prices to enrol.

Enrolment sets up automatic monthly payments

Once Enrolled, you will be given a premium login to Power TV for exclusive access to standard and premium content. All Qigong Series will be live streamed via the Power TV Portal. Recordings will be posted to Power TV, which also has a community social function and Video On Demand (VOD) capabilities. There are 9 hours of Personal Mentoring which can be used as twelve 30 min or six 1 hour slots. There are also 5 Group Mentoring Sessions, plus you will have access to everyone else's mentoring sessions, which will be an whole new learning experience.

3 Levels of access: Premium Access is the whole package, and xtra is for those who want more weekly mentoring for the whole 8 months.

Lite Access has no mentoring or access to mentoring recordings.

Contact Joseph on 0499619244 for more information.