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power through your own life events; achieve personal goals; raise your own vibration and improve your relationship with your spirit team.

Students who put in the work experience profound shifts, greater synchronicity and an increase in emotional and spiritual resiliency.

The Warrior Energy Training is the foundation for the whole Programme. Once you have completed a few rounds of Warrior Training, then you can choose to do any of the workshop modules in our training programme. To participate in the Shamanic Module called 'Ceremony and Initiation', you are required to complete at least 3 other shamanic workshops.

We can guarantee that you will find techniques in our courses that are not taught anywhere else.

Shamanic Energy Training is a unique training programme that combines advanced healing modalities; Chinese and Korean Qi Gong; with Core Shamanism Workshops, and Ceremonies to help you develop, and improve, your physical vitality and personal shamanic practice.

This is a Complete System of Energy based training and workshops, addressing many levels of body mind and spirit, to help you access greater levels of vitality, higher states of consciousness, and if you wish help you expand your awareness to different levels of non-ordinary reality.

The classes and workshops act as energy “catalysts", enabling you to build and harness the combined power of your own energy, and the group energy to

According to traditional Taoist philosophical theory, everything in the universe achieves balance through the circulation of two different kinds of energy:  Yin and Yang.  We exist in constant energy exchange with our surroundings and our bodies are continually receiving and expelling energy in our own private energy dance with the cosmos.

When our energy system is in optimal flow, we are in harmony and the body can maintain optimum health. Balance, is maintained when our Ki is able to circulate around the body freely, without obstruction, and is able to be replenished from the universal store by means of our food and fluids we consume; our breath and our physical activity.

Harmony usually gets disrupted by our thoughts and emotions. Anxiety, anger and rage, and other similar emotions, generally tend to get stuck in the body as those states distract us from our natural ability to disperse these energies.

Our disturbed states cause the body's energy flows to become blocked, we get thrown out of the Yin Yang balance. This happens easily if the energy centre in our lower abdomen is weak.

The Energy training classes train you to build a strong energy centre in our lower abdomen. They also help you to become sensitive to your own energy system, so that you can start to shift unwanted energies on your own.

We also provide a means to safely energise yourself, and stay grounded.

The Energy Practices are used to fuel the Shamanic Practices.  Shamanic Practice and Healing work can quick deplete your energy reserves, if you do not have a method or a practice to replenish them.

This is the missing ingredient in many healing and shamanic based systems.

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