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Shamanic Magician FOUNDATIONS

Many who visit here are seeking spiritual connection, and find that without it, their lives can feel empty and shallow.

The absence of any true substance can leave us feeling unnourished.

Participants find that our grounded and respectful training...

introduces integrity, responsibility, divinity, and love to their Spiritual practice.

Plus helps them navigate their spirit journeys with lineage-aligned frameworks and techniques ...

...that altogether provides a greater sense of purpose, fulfilment, and, indeed, connection.

We now call this programme: 'Shamanic Magician Training'. ...

... and there is a pathway for participants:

The Programme is IEHA  accredited,

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Pendulum can wait till after level 2

Level 2 can be done in any order before level 3

Coven follows SSW

Must complete level 3 to attend Spirit Weaver

Spirit Journey is required as a minimum to attend SSW

Space Cleanser & Womb Weaver are optional add-ons to Spirit Weaver

Start Here

Spirit work consumes lots of energy, and we offer advanced QiGong classes to help 'fuel' your practice.

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Form Scrolls

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