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Shamanic Magicians

Practicing Shamanic Magician Teachers

Joseph is a grounded, practical trainer of teachers, mentor, multi-disciplined practitioner, and ascension technician who creates  healing spaces that facilitate mind, heart and soul coherence, to help you show up as a more authentic version of yourself.  

Joseph Callender

Embodied Soul


Sharon's specialty is content creation and mentoring facilitators and ceremonialists.  She assists people to discover their innate magick and the power of their lineages.

Sharon Bolt

The Temple of Shamanic Magick



Shamanic Magicians

Jo is a flower essence Therapist, Ceremonialist and facilitator of The Empress and the Dragon women's programme. She weaves a unique and multi-layered fusion of Spirit Alchemy into her sessions using flower remedies to support your Souls' evolutionary journey.

Jo Bell Cummings


Caitlin is a full spectrum, and Post-Partum Doula, a registered Kinesiologist, a facilitator of The Empress & The Dragon women’s programme, and is focussing on womb clearing.

Caitlin Priday


Alyce is a trained Shamanic Healer, Ceremonial Space Holder and Ritual Craftswoman of Sacred Tools + Herbal Medicines with a background of 10+ years working in many specialised areas as a Registered Nurse.

Alyce Mitchell

Elemental Medicine


Sara is a Teacher, Holistic Practitioner and Ceremonialist who supports individuals and groups to come home to their true nature and to re-seed their connection and belonging to the earth.

Sara Brooke

The Space in Between


Dean’s passion for Health, Family, Music and Spirit brings forth his intention for ‘Freedom of the Soul’. His field of work specialises in Group Containers & Individual Sessions to empower soul expression, sovereignty, purpose & creative power.

Dean Benson


Bianca is a Kinesiology Teacher, multi-disciplined practitioner, mentor and ceremonialist; and weaves her magick to empower you, to become your best possible self.

Bianca Jewell

Shamanic Kinesiology


Psychic mediumship development Teacher, Kinesiologist, mind-body medicine practitioner and ceremonialist, who passionately supports you to reconnect to your innate intuition and psychic abilities, to live a more aligned, connected and spirited life.

Kate is a Teacher, facilitator and ceremonialist, who combines modern psychology and shamanic practice to teach other women how to hold safe and sacred Circles.

Kate Reed

The Sister Circles


What can they do for Me?

Our Graduates have been trained to:


  • Hold you in sacred circle and ritual
  • Bring you back home to yourself
  • Reclaim lost Soul fragments
  • Remove ghosts, entities and attachments from your energy field
  • Cross over dead spirits
  • Remove curses, spells and hexes
  • Stop psychic attacks and heal the damage they cause
  • Increase your power & energy
  • Remove the causes of bad luck
  • Heal from previously unyielding conditions
  • Increase your vitality, which helps deal with trauma, upgrade your being and change limiting beliefs
  • Removing meddling entities that cause disharmony
  • Experience ceremony and ritual which helps connect more to yourself, your spirit teams and your ancestors
  • Feel more grounded & energetically clean
  • Feel more present & connected
  • Feel much more embodied, present, graceful, alert and aware
  • Plus so much more ...


If you resonate with this work please get in touch.

The Path of the White Dragon Initiate, prepares you to lead a Divine Life, where you take guidance and learn lessons from your real teachers, your ancestors and spirit teams.

When you can surrender to a state of not knowing, and honest acceptance of your own ignorance, this creates a more receptive state for 'spirit' to provide answers at the appropriate times that you need them to take the next step in your journey.  

This is a journey of embodiment, humility and gratitude, and teaches you patience, respect, honouring and so much more...

Experience the power of the graduates of this lineage and understand what it means to work appropriately and honourably with ancestors, devas, the angelic realm, mythical beings, power animals, elemental beings, grids, timelines, energies, akashic records, dimensions and frequencies, assisting you one on one.