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Elemental Warrior 2021 MOBILE

Classes are held on Tuesdays ONLINE 6:30pm


A private Facebook Group will be created which will offer additional support and information ...

To reserve you place on the course you will need to fill out this form and pay a $50 deposit.  

Full Payment is required before the first day of class.  Payment plans are available upon request - contact Joseph on Messenger.

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The Elemental Warrior Series is a unique experience that combines advanced healing modalities, chi kung, and meridian exercises, with meditation and relaxation, to help balance the body, mind and spirit.

The classes provide a system for you to gain greater access to consciousness; providing an energy boost which enables you to step into new habits.  The class acts as a “catalyst” to what is occurring in your life. Students who put in the work experience profound shifts, greater synchronicity and an increase in emotional resiliency.  

The class helps you develop a strong energetic core.

The first part of class is Yang (masculine) in nature, and the second part, Yin (feminine).

We begin by cultivating your inner power and finish in a deeply nurturing space.  You will also be working with a different element each week to help you re establish and develop your connection with nature.

Elemental Warrior focuses on physical health, the lower Dan Tien, the lower chakras and developing a “Watcher’s Consciousness”. Mastering your lower Dan Tien will result in deeper resilience, stepping into your own Power, and the ability to hold your own energetic space.  

If you have Strong upper Chakras, such as the third eye, without any foundation,  you can become scattered and your aura may start to fragment. All heart, with no foundational support, can lead to you being taken advantage of by others.  The foundation is required to build stability. This requires DISCIPLINE, and hence this course is not sexy! Developing this disciplined now helps to minimise energetic and physical damage to yourself in the future.

Elemental Warrior Class Overview

You will learn how to feel your own energy body and hold your own energetic space, which will eventually help you to ground your energy.  With time, you will begin to understand the difference between your energy influences and others, so you can know what is your stuff (energetically) and what is someone else's influence over you.

You need a strong working energy system to navigate other non-ordinary-reality realms and you need some knowledge to do it safely.

If you are a Healer, Practitioner, Energy Worker or hold large groups of people in events and workshops, then you will also benefit from learning energy techniques to ensure that you can hold powerful clean energetic spaces in your own clinics and client interactions.

By strengthening the lower energy centres we improve our physical condition and vitality, which gives us a strong enough base to support opening our heart and third eye centres.  


As participants progress through the course they will start to open up and awaken their energy system and regain the body’s optimal energy flow.

The programme will also incorporate elemental work so participants can connect to their body’s representation of the elements of fire, water, earth and air and to the “Spirits” of each element.  

Participants will also be given a ritual to practice for each element, this will help connect to the Spirit of the element.   This is a core shamanic practice.  The 4 rituals will start a week before training.  

  • VIBRATION TRAINING: helps release stagnant energy still left in the system.  Relaxes the body, activates the lymph system, moves energy through the joints and helps to release and let go
  • BREATHING POSTURES:  Energy accumulation postures circulate fresh new energy into our system so that we can use this energy for manifesting and co-creating. Helps maintain good physical energy and power to be able to hold higher spiritual frequencies.
  • RELAXATION: Full guided relaxation to assist the physical body to receive the benefits of the class.  May sometimes include a guided meditation or drum journey.
  • ENERGY MEDITATION: Energy meditation puts the brain in an alpha wave pattern, quietening the mind and sensitising you to feeling energy.  As you feel your own healing energy between your palms, you awaken the inner healer, and connect your consciousness to your physical body.  In more advanced practices, this meditation can connect you to all aspects of your Self.
  • BODY TAPPING: Opens up the meridian system. Tapping encourages energy flow and detoxification.
  • OPENING JOINTS: The joints are the locations where energy blockages are most easily formed.  It is easy to feel external energy flow on the surface of the skin but to feel the internal energy flow, we have to release the stiffness of the joints and reactivate their function
  • MERIDIAN STRETCHING: Integrative stretching exercises activate the Meridian system, these exercises help you coordinate body/breath/mind
  • ENERGY EXERCISES: Open up your energy field to enable  you to feel your own energy
  • HOLDING POSTURES: Burn stagnant energy and activate the lower energy centres.  They also help develop will power and focus. Combined with breathing exercises to burn through energetic blockages

Class Structure