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Permission in Spirit Work

Anything you do to someone without them knowing or agreeing has no permission... 

Determining whether you have permission is an important consideration before proceeding with spirit work; and distance work, adds even more complication to this, regardless of whether the intention is for  an individual or for large numbers.

The ethical practice of spirit work, requires us to obtain express permission, in ordinary reality, from any person, place or thing for whom you are doing work. None of us can presume to make decisions on behalf of another being, even if we feel certain that our intention is for their highest good.

Permission means the express, informed consent of the specific individual or group to perform spirit healing or other spirit work, and it also includes the consent to disclose any information about them.

Many spirit workers often feel inclined to work with their helping spirits to relieve the pain and suffering caused by natural or man made disasters. There are various levels of permission that may be necessary before venturing to provide remote assistance:

Without considering what the land wants, what the spirits of that land want, what the force of that natural disaster might truly be accomplishing, we do not have enough depth of information or awareness to enable us to truly understand what level of assistance would be appropriate.

Permission cannot be assumed for suffering undead people - they have to be given the dignity of choice.  A good starting point is to gather as much information as possible remotely, with your helping spirits, to determine how best to help on a spiritual level. Gather factual information on the issue, then journey to your helping spirits to ask what you can do to help.

If you remotely find living people experiencing pain and suffering, there is no 'spirit mechanism' that provides permission to do distance work for them. Permission to work on behalf of the living must be granted in this 3D reality, not telepathically or spiritually or by communicating with their soul. If you encounter deceased human souls, you can offer psychopomp (crossing over) work; but only with each soul’s express permission. It is your duty of care to ensure that you only attempt such work, only after you have been properly trained.

If a person cannot respond, because they are in a coma for instance, then seeking permission from their guardian or nearest family member is recommended.  Likewise with young children, permission from both parents may need be given, and if that child is over 12, then their permission is also necessary.

By way of example, let's say you are concerned about  the situation of the fires in Australia killing millions of animals and decimating miles of forests and bush, leaving many homeless and suffering.  If you have never been to the affected areas, let alone ever visited Australia, and have only heard a few news stories regarding the situation, then your perspective is likely to be considerably under informed because you have not had the embodied experience of seeing all of the seen and unseen energies and subtleties of the area. This would mean that you will not understand the far reaching impact of sending energy, or praying for rain, or trying to alleviate any suffering.  Even if your actions were able to spare some lives, it may be creating further devastation and loss of life due to a ripple effect in the future.

As another example, say one is experiencing some form of psychic interference and has identified that you are being psychically 'attacked' by an individual, any form of “protection”, or retaliation, that involves magick has the potential to set up a negative impact that backfires. Such action does not have any permission either. The best response to anything in the physical world is always to find a physical world solution and you can ask your helping spirits for ideas. Wearing a protective amulet or the like is fine as that is protection. If someone is persisting with an attack, there are compassionate ways of dealing with perceived attacks and we cover those in our advanced trainings

A good spirit response is to connect with your higher self and communicate with theirs (spirit team can facilitate the exchange) then withdraw your consent to any physical and psychic interference.

Why is this important?

Work without permission, verges on sorcery, which creates a negative spiral which may end with the withdrawal of your benevolent helping spirits.

Questions to ask your team:

This post is just a taster and if you should find yourself in an ethical conundrum, you helping team should let you know whether a course of action is wise and whether permission has been fully given.




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