Shamanic Energy Training, February 21 2022

Shamanic Magician Programme

We feel that, In truth all humans are of, from and part of Divinity, and a life that does not include this belief, can become shallow and without substance.

Without substance, we can become spiritually under nourished, forgetting we are Divine, and feel disconnected from ourselves, not really understanding who we are, and our purpose in this incarnation.

This may leave us jaded, narrow focussed and preoccupied with the trivial and insignificant. Without purpose, we wander around aimlessly, allowing the ideas and principles of a greedy corporate system to govern how we live our lives and get caught up in programmes, to which we give away our power and freedom; sacrificing our precious time and vitality for someone else’s benefit and in so doing, losing ourselves and all perspective.

Some are fortunate enough to receive a glimpse of Divine Grace which sparks a desire to change their circumstances. They soon find themselves on a trajectory that will enable them to realise that it is not about them, but about what they can do for others, and they begin to better themselves to contribute to their communities and may undertake noble service.

However, in order to become useful to the world, one has to become more knowledgeable, balanced, energised, powerful and skilful, which may require a significant reframe of their belief systems, and self healing work.

This is why many of our participants seek us out: to help become more steadfast and sovereign, take responsibility for their own growth trajectory and evolution, and to develop their spiritual connection and skill.

It is our wish that their lives will influence those around them, and they will become a source of light and inspiration for others. Plus with earnest application, they become self-sustaining, courageous and connected to Divine Grace and will spread their light by their presence and compassion.

We hope that they will also create a healing path that facilitates the shedding of much of their ancestral, childhood and metaphysical baggage and will learn to refocus their energy to be more aligned with their soul’s vibration.

There are many other reasons that we are sought out by our participants:

Our Aim is to:

We welcome all who wish to, and are ready to undertake this journey of lineage alignment, consciousness expansion and growth.

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