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Increase your Power and Vitality to assist you to:

Process and Release Trauma

Heal and Renew your body

Boost your immune system

Raise your Vibration

Learn, Grow & Evolve

Integrate all the above

Fund all your Projects with Energy

AND ...

This year, in Chinese astrology, is the year of the 'Water Tiger', which has the potential to bring a tsunami of energy our way. So to support our spiritual and emotional progress we will focus our energy programme on building steadfastness and grounding, so we can remain stable in the turbulent waves, plus flexibility and buoyancy, for manoeuvrability, and Power for sustainable effort in our endeavours.

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Brand New Power Editions of each Series, Chakra Warrior, Meridian Awakening, Red Dragon, White Dragon and Elemental Warrior.

Brand New 60 min Live class format, with additional 30 min videos of many classes created for those short of time.

Students that choose the full year will receive three 20 min coaching sessions for exercise upgrades and personal Q&A.

Rituals & homework will all change and be focussed on Emotional Release and personal container enhancement to upgrade your capacity to take on more vitality and energy.

Three group integration sessions to harmonise and unify the group to enhance and increase the groups energy potential.

* There are a few Melbourne Public holiday breaks

Classes will now be 60 mins, plus there will be extra 30 mins classes made - that's 40+ videos

30 Weeks of continuous* QiGong live Classes (recorded) rolled into one Power focussed  Online Series.

What to expect

Participants can also choose to take a single Power focussed Series .

All Year of Power Participants will have access to all videos, optionally, for the rest of the year beyond the 30 weeks

Selection of either of the 2 options, enrols you in the complete series  

Sign Up

Enrolment sets up an automatic monthly payment

All livestreams and recordings will be contained in a purpose built Facebook Group. Single series participants will be removed from the group after completion of their series. Pricing for single series will reflect access to other videos for the duration of your series. Contact Joseph on 0499619244 for more information.

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