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Spirit Worker Training Workshops

Our workshops provide a comprehensive system of teachings and experiences to enable energy trainers, and spirit workers, therapists, practitioners and facilitators, a professional and grounded space to develop, hone and acquire intuitive practice and skills.  We combine these with an understanding of energy principles.

In many instances we are filling in the gaps left by other systems.  For some that will mean, teaching appropriate disciplines, and providing the appropriate energetic templates and containers. Whilst for others, it may mean developing and grounding abilities that are beginning to emerge, as they awaken and increase their vibration. We guarantee you will find information not available from other sources and workshops.

The sections below provide dates for upcoming workshops, and you can click on the links and pictures to get more information about the workshops.  There is a booking form at the bottom of this page to enable you to enrol onto upcoming events. Don't forget to check out the transformation journeys which let you attend, many events and spread the cost over several months.

Spirit Journey Training

ONE DAY WORKSHOP - Learn how to safely journey through spirit realms with the medicine of the Shamanic Drum.

These are invaluable and necessary skills for any work you engage with in other realms and will give you the foundational knowledge to allow deeper and safer work. You will be shown various ways of moving through the realms.

This is the foundational training for all of the Spirit and Shamanic trainings that we offer.  There are opportunities to participate in this training ONLINE for those people not in Melbourne.

Journeying is a way of communicating with your inner or spirit self and retrieving information. Your inner self is in constant communication with all aspects of your environment, seen and unseen.

You will receive journey tips and techniques from various shamanism traditions and perspectives.

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Hyperspace Navigation

TWO & HALF HOUR PRACTICE - Improve your Journeying skills and deepen your relationships with yourself and your guides.

Group Journey sessions tend to be a more powerful experience than individual journeys, plus the energies in the group always contribute to everyone's awakening.

Each session is unique and the group explores whatever the spirits have indicated are good topics to explore. Many of the regular attendees value this time to go deeper with their spirit team in an intimate focus session.  We usually get to do about 8 - 10 journeys in 2 1/2 hours.

Spirit Journey Training is a Prerequisite.

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Pendulum 1

ONE DAY WORKSHOP - Learn to work with pendulums with appropriate boundaries and protection. Suitable for beginners and also proficient dowsers who want to explore alternative and magickal ways of working with a pendulum.

The pendulum is an excellent tool to help you develop your intuition and psychic abilities. It helps us tap into both the subconscious and superconscious aspects of our minds.

This workshop teaches you how to use the pendulum as a tool with appropriate boundaries and protection. The workshop is suitable for beginners and also proficient dowsers who want to explore alternative ways of working with a pendulum.

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The Witch's Broom

ONE DAY WORKSHOP - This workshop caters for experienced Spirit Journey practitioners. This is an experiential day providing additional Spirit Journey teachings and practices. Learn what it means to 'fly' the witch's broom and what new doors this will open for your practice ...

A genuine spirit space of ritual magick, training, and experiences held in a grounded format. During the circle, we will work with our own brooms and learn how to co-create with this sacred tool in our magickal practice.

The teachings of the humble broom are multi layered, practical and a beautiful way to weave ancestral energies for those that are called to this work.

Spirit Journey Training is a prerequisite

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Spirit Animal

TWO DAY WORKSHOP - This Spirit Animal immersion provides an energetic template to further your work with your Spirit Team. Blending metaphysical, energy, and Taoist philosophical principles, with mysticism, esoteric practices and more.  This is a must for all practitioners …

This is the Spirit Animal Training that we wish had been available when we first started on this path over 15 years ago.

Spirit Journey Training is a prerequisite

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Spirit Allies & Mythical Creatures

TWO DAY WORKSHOP - Recruit, upgrade and augment your Spirit Teams with higher level guides and mythical creatures. This is a profoundly magickal and transformative weekend, working with our unique medicine Wheel of Transformation to provide a thorough review of specific aspects of your life ...

All our interactions in the world are governed by our relationships with people, places, and things. Navigating our way seamlessly through our lives, requires us to clarify what’s really going on with our interaction in our relationships.

This workshop offers you a chance to undergo a life review

Spirit Journey Training is a prerequisite

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Plant Spirit Communication

TWO DAY WORKSHOP - A unique two day comprehensive training, teaching you how to embrace new levels of sensory communication with plant spirits via magickal practices and ‘urban communions’.

Work with different plant formats to communicate with plant spirits and the Elemental Kingdom. Learn how to engage in benevolent contracts with plant allies; work with plant allies for spiritual cleanliness, healing, boundaries and so much more.

Plant Spirit Communication is a unique, esoteric and highly experiential workshop, enabling you to embrace new levels of sensory communication with plant spirits.

The techniques shown can be used to communicate with all elemental beings, crystal devas and spirits  ...

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Family Constellations Workshop

ONE DAY WORKSHOP - It's never too late to have a happy childhood...

Our entire family lineage is connected via an energy field, which some like to call a Family Soul. Everything that happens to the family is imprinted on the Family Soul, which includes such things as: miscarriages, rape, incest, abuse, mental health issues, anxiety, depression, poverty, murder, war, emigration, 'religious fundamentalism', etc. Both the perpetrator energies and the victim energies are imprinted.

Family Constellations, enables us to expose and resolve systemic family and ancestral issues.  It enables us to give responsibility back to the ancestors and 'entities' that introduced the 'dysfunctional' energies, to remove the energy from the current family system. This can help to free the current descendants from having to repeat those same family patterns.

This is sacred and effective self work that is held in a reverent and respectful sacred field.

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The Empress & The Dragon

TWO DAY WORKSHOPS - The Empress & The Dragon is a deep and profound inner journey into your energetic ‘cauldrons’, or 'dan tiens'.  This Empowerment and Elemental programme for Women combines Taoist principles with various witchcraft and shamanic practices. This program will take you on a journey of working with your own energy, archetypes and magick.

Working with ritual and sensory practices, incorporating elemental and altar magick, aromatherapy, herbal essences, alchemy, nutrition and the energy centres.

There are 3 Levels:

OBSIDIAN - A Sacred Womb Healing & Clearing, 3 month Journey, working with ritual and esoteric practices and the power of the Obsidian spirit to facilitate deep transformation and change.

ROSE - Level 2 - Empress Rose continues your esoteric journey into the Heart Centre.  Expect the Unexpected – this is a miraculous 3 month programme into mysticism and your own divine layers.

AMETHYST -  LEVEL 3 - The Sword of Truth  - Pineal Awakening completes our 3 cauldron esoteric journey.  Experience true sight, unshakeable boundaries, life reconciliation, and open up to the path of Divinity and purpose.

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Sacred Space Weaver

SEVEN DAY INITIATION & RETREAT IN BALI - This is our Sacred Space Holder Training, where you will be immersed in the Spirit world, learning how to create sacred containers; a practice that can be applied to circles, workshops, ceremonies or in your private practice.

The Plant Spirits of Cacao and Blue Lotus provide the perfect spirit mediums for this training, as they are deeply healing in the subtle, yet miraculous way, they work with participants throughout the week. This transformational week will change the way you work with the spirit world for life.

You will learn how to create, organise and run safe, grounded, and high frequency circles and ceremonies. Identify, meet and recruit your own spirit team and learn ancient protocols to enable you to co-create with them.

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Spirit Weaver Practitioner

NINE MONTHS - This is an advanced level practitioner mentoring and training spread over 9 months.  It begins with a 5 day initiation, followed by monthly sessions, another 5 day initiation and further monthly Q & As. Pre-requisites are Sacred Space Weaver, Spirit Journey, Pendulum, Spirit Animal and/or Spirit Allies & Mythical Creatures ...

This hands on training is based on the esoteric teachings of the benevolent dragon lineages, and combines years of energy healing work, spirit interactions and classical shamanic practice to assist you with co-creating grounded spaces for clients filled with integrity, reverence and love.

You will learn how to rid your clients of metaphysical and spiritual afflictions and ailments and to restore your client's vitality, power and energy; and learn healing protocols to enable you to co-create with your spirit teams.

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