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16th & 17th Oct 2021

Plant Spirit Communication in the Urban Jungle ...

Do you feel you have a special connection with plants and would like to experience deeper communication with a plant spirit?

Do you work with flower essences, essential oils and herbs and would like to expand your magic in this area?

Do you work with Master Plant Teachers and would like to apply energy and classi‍‍c shamanism principles for deeper communication?

This is a unique two day experience to embrace new levels of sensory communication with plant spirits via magical practices and ‘urban dietas’.

Learn How To:

  • Connect with a plant spirit for healing yourself and healing others
  • Find a plant spirit in the spirit realm and learn about its metaphysical and physical benefits
  • Discover best practice for unlocking the spirit and the many blessings that this brings – this is a must for all alchemists
  • Work with magical sensory practices to facilitate communication
  • Engage in a benevolent contract with plant allies
  • Energetically transmit a plant spirit into drinks and food as a potentiator for healing
  • Use a unique plant layering method
  • Use Shamanic practice in the urban jungle incorporating spiritual cleanliness and boundaries
  • Work with plant spirits for space clearing and protection
  • Learn how to increase the power of your smudging
  • Enhance your dreaming with plant spirits, and awaken lucid dreaming
  • Plant allies and reciprocity
  • Using crystals to expand the communication – lemurian quartz crystals work really well but any small clear quartz will work
  • Work with plant spirits and the chakra / endrocrine gland system
  • Unlock the metaphysical power of essential oils
  • Maintain your power when working with Master Plants

*** Please note that none of the plant formats included are listed as psychoactive.

Workshop Outline

We will work with different plant formats as a means to communicate with the plant spirits but also enable easy ingestion.  You will be shown a variety of ways of connecting to plant spirits from traditional formats to more unconventional methods.  This is a highly experiential workshop.  The techniques you will be shown can be used to communicate with all elemental beings, crystal divas and spirits.    

"This weekend contains the most useful techniques I have found after working deeply in the Plant realms for 16 years."

This material is not being presented in this format anywhere else.  

I am incorporating techniques learnt during various apprenti‍ceships and initiations undertaken (in the Amazon jungle, Taoist training in the Korean mountains, specialist shamanic training, Druid magical practices and direct teachings from the plant spirits themselves).

We will finish with a Taoist tea ceremony. This workshop is open to all but you need to be familiar with drum journeying.  If you have not done our drum journey training, you will need to take drum journey training in February to get the most out of this course – details here .

This course will also challenge conventional views on Plant Teachers so come with an open mind.

This Workshop will be held on 16th & 17th of October 21 from 10:30 am until 5:30 pm on both days.

The Venue: A private Address in Wonga Park (details given closer to the event)

Email: [email protected]

Sharon: 0499 079 089  


Wear comfortable fitting clothes

Bring with you:

An Eye mask

A small herb pot plant or flower

A freshly picked flower(s) (ask permission before you pick the flower(s))

A clear quartz crystal

A bottle of water

Investment is $555 for the Event.

Register and Pay for your Place ...

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Sharon Bolt

Master Trainer & Ceremonialist – Sharon is a skilled, grounded, intuitive, and multidisciplinary therapist who specialises in the body/mind/spirit connection. Her qualifications include training as an accredited kinesiologist, clinical hypnotherapist, hypnoenergetics practitioner, past life regressionist, NLP practitioner, holistic healer, health consultant, energy coach, and core shamanism guide. Sharon is also a trained chi kung instructor, which involved her studying the Korean branch of this mind-body energetic arts system for seven years.

During her training in this discipline - which also involved living with Korean energy masters for two years - she was a practicing Taoist monk, and ran an Energy Training Centre in London which boasted over 200 members. Sharon is not a spiritual lightweight when it comes to seeking out and embodying new realms of esoteric and traditional knowledge, and has undergone rigorous shamanic initiations in different parts of the world (Peru, Korea, UK, Bali, Australia) in order that she may “walk the talk”.

Sharon now teaches a fusion of her chi kung and shamanic training expertise (Shamanic Energy Training) which is an embodiment programme of personal empowerment – allowing students to ground and incorporate key energy principles into their everyday lives.  Sharon is a prolific collector of wisdom from a diverse spectrum of schools and traditions, all for the purpose of building her abilities as both teacher and trainer.She shares her learnings and insights with the larger community by holding various events and programmes, which encompass a wide range of experiences: Plant Spirit Communication, Energy Healing, elemental magic workshops, Pendulum Dowsing training, women’s only sensuality training, and more.

Before becoming a therapist and workshop leader, Sharon was a Global Account Director for top Advertising Agencies in London, and travelled around the world whilst delivering training and supervision programs to affiliate advertising agencies. The leadership and responsibility skills she learned from living this ‘other life’ have served her well when it comes to conducting extremely-organised events and holding space in group settings.Sharon is a facilitator who is both empathic and decisive in her approach to group (and individual) interactions. She has been facilitating energy training workshops, shamanic workshops and women’s only healing workshops for over 16 years. Sharon is also a ritual and ceremonial facilitator, and is often asked to create custom ceremonies for clients with specific needs/goals.

She creates grounded spaces that offer up evolutionary opportunities, and is used to working with the deepest wounds in people – emotional and otherwise. Herself being a wounded healer, Sharon is a spiritual midwife, and helps people ‘birth’ their True Authentic Selves into manifest reality. Sharon also enables people to work with their inner shadow, using techniques that are both deeply healing and transformational in nature. In addition to all of this, her unique ability to work with plant spirits in other dimensions allows for new frequencies to come through in ceremonial settings, providing deeper insights and awakenings.

A native of Nicaragua, Sharon’s lineage is Mayan, Spanish, English and Hungarian.  She comes from a bloodline of spirit workers and curanderos (healers).Sharon is fully insured for all of her therapy applications, and is accredited by the following associations:  The Association of Systematic Kinesiology UK; The Australian Kinesiology Association

Website: sharonbolt.com


Sharon is a key mentor and teacher in my life on all things related to plants and working with the Devas. Sharon has an extremely comprehensive, grounded and approachable method to opening the doorway to the plant world, and what to do once you’re in there!

Some of the most valuable lessons I have been taught have been through the guidance of Sharon and her pure channel that allows the plants to speak with truth and integrity. I highly recommend this workshop if you are interested in working directly with Earth Medicine, unlocking your ancient wisdoms and accessing the plant kingdom in a safe and sacred way.

Sharon will bring you the guidance and tools that you won’t be able to find in any book or webpage. This is a very special teaching to receive!

Sharon has been a a significant figure in my life since I met her in 2009 for kinesiology treatments in London. I was blown away by her methods back then and I still am.

She is a pioneer of integrating modalities together making them simple, understandable and doable...no BS approach with clean energy.

I watch, listen and learn so much and she always surprises me and gives much food for thought when we have a session. Especially on the subject of plant spirits.

Even though she's is on the other side of the world, I wouldn't ask anyone else for advice and mentoring for my personal and professional development as simply no-one has this broad sense of knowledge.

My personal growth has continued to soar since I met her.One more thing, Sharon's integrity is infinite and she is totally unusual in a very beautiful way! You'd be hard pushed to find a teacher with this breadth of knowledge who is totally fun to be with.With deepest love and respect I can wholeheartedly recommend Sharon.

Joanna Southgate

Caitlin Priday