Beautiful Sisters

Do you hear the call of your inner Priestess?

Are you ready to weave womb magic into creation?

The Next Event will be held in Sydney on the 9th of April 2019 and will start at 12pm until 5pm.  Please arrive by 11:45 pm for a prompt start.

The Venue: TBC

Please call or email for additional information.

Email: [email protected]

Sharon: 0499 079 089


Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes, as you will be moving at various points throughout the day.

Bring a yoga matt and water bottle.

Maximum event size is 33 people.

Investment is $188 for the Event. Early Bird is $166 using the code "EarlyBird" - Ends Jan 20th

To secure your place, you must sign up and pay in Full

WHAT TO WEAR: Anything that is blue, purple, white or a combination of these colours

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We would love for you to join us for this ceremony of ancient Temple practises and ritual magic. Awakening ancient memories of your own magic and wisdom within, your Priestess. It's time to move beyond the self doubt and any energetic blocks that are preventing you from the life that you desire. Simply coming more deeply into yourself as a Divine expression of the feminine.

It's time to remember our time in Egyptian Temples, we invite you to re-experience the magic of the Temple as we gather to re-connect our wombs to the womb of Isis. This facilitates the birth of new energies and expansion into our existence. If you are at a cross roads or going through a period of change then allow this ceremony to support you in your transition so you can remember who you are.

The Womb of Isis is a sensory ceremonial experience with an emphasis on the rituals and practices of temple magic. It is a time to step out of your current timeline reality into a space of divine expression and embodiment, into a space of infinite possibility, awareness and joy.

A Ceremony of Remembrance

We will experience connecting with the magic of Anubis, Master of Ceremony and Initiation. Anubis allows us to see the shadows and old stories held in the womb, bringing them into the light of awareness to be accepted and released. This allows for the sacred marriage of the Feminine aspect of Isis and the Masculine aspect of Anubis within. To be a fully embodied woman.

We will drink the Lotus Tea of Awakening in a sensory ceremony of remembrance and re-birth. Accompanied by synergistic herbs.

Your senses will be expanded and stimulated with a beautiful sound healing and toning, aromatic Egyptian incense bath and exquisite Egyptian oils anointing.

You will experience an embodiment activation with the ritual of Sacred Dance which facilitates connection to your I AM presence, your Temple Priestess. Allowing you to access the wisdom of your heart and womb, enabling the sacred marriage within.

We will be sharing rituals and magical practices to facilitate re-birth in your life that you can continue to work with at home to deeply embody this work.

We don’t want to share too much on this invite as these practices are secret and sacred but rest assured that if you feel the call its because every cell in your body has been waiting to be re-connected in the Temple of Isis.

The ceremonial experience will be 4-5 hours long with an integration session at the end. You will be gifted a goodie bag to take home with you to continue the practices ♥


Ceremonialist – Sharon is a skilled multidisciplinary therapist specialising in the body/mind/spirit connection. Sharon is a shamanic witch and a qualified kinesiologist, clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, energy healer, health coach, aromatherapist, core shamanism practitioner and chi kung instructor.

Sharon has undergone shamanic initiations in different parts of the world (Peru, Korea, UK, Bali, Australia). She now teaches a fusion of her chi kung and shamanic training – Shamanic Energy Training which is an embodiment programme for empowerment and grounding incorporating key energy principles.

Sharon is a grounded yet intuitive ceremonialist. She has been facilitating energy training workshops, shamanic workshops and women’s only healing workshops for over 15 years. She creates grounded spaces for transformation and is used to working with the deepest wounds in people.

Sharon also enables people to work with their shadow in a way that is deeply healing and transformational. Her unique ability to work with plant spirits in other dimensions allows new frequencies to come through in ceremonial settings.Sharon comes from a bloodline of spirit workers and curanderos (healers).  Website:

Ceremonialist - Tara is a loving, compassionate, intuitive, light hearted and caring facilitator. In 1996, after losing an ovary and being diagnosed with endometriosis with little support, relief or cure. Tara embarked on journey to heal herself by using alternative healing methods ranging from aromatherapy, massage, energetic, shamanic healing, rebirthing, movement, diet, traditional Chinese medicine, sound and body mind connection.

She has studied with some of the most unique teachers around the world over the past 23 years. She is a Kundalini Dance Master Teacher, Intimacy, Tantra and relationship Coach and teachor, Emotional Clearing Counsellor, Shamanic practitioner, aromatherapist, energy healer and has a deep understanding of massage and various modalities of body work.

She embodies the work that she teaches as she has journeyed deeply through her own transformational awakening using the tools that she shares. She has a unique way of bringing a lightness to our deepest shadows so they can be integrated and healed. Enabling you to move forward in your Life with a sense of joy and purpose.

Tara is one of the creators of Sydney Tantra Temple and I Am Woman Global since 2012. She currently runs Monthly Womens circles in Sydney, as well as, colaborative events, retreats and festivals. She has lead women's circles and ceremonies for the past 8 years all across Australia.  Website:

Sharon Bolt

Tara Fisher


Shantell Shakti: 'Wow, so I go to see the sculptures by the sea and with some of them I start to have this other worldly experience, like I'm having a holographic experience. Even looking at the colours of the sunset I get the same vibe. Then I remember that I drank that beautiful plant tea (in ceremony) and that body is still in connection with this energy. I am enjoying the refinement of sensory experience of life.'


Debbie Quirke: 'Thank you Sharon Bolt & Tara Fischer for a wonderful evening.  Tonight I was able to hold the most amazing space for my kids when putting them to sleep. I could see myself in the temple of sister hood and could feel the combined power we all possess.
Please can you add me to your list so I can receive updates especially the Womb of Isis weekend you spoke of for next year xx'

Beata Alfoldi: 'Thank you so much Tara and Sharon for such a beautiful ceremony yesterday. Deep remembering, honouring, connection and sharing....I felt deeply nourished by the medicine, the dance and by all of you wonderful women in the space. More of THIS please! Till next time. Big love xxx'

Bastian McPhee: 'Mahalo Nui Tara Fischer & Sharon Bolt, and all my sisters.. What an afternoon we shared, held in Beauty Love & Grace. Wonderful work, thank you both so much for making it real and holding us all in these divine teachings, you are a dynamic synergy xx'

Norma Atmana: 'Thank you dear sisters. Was so beautiful to witness and be witnessed in the Goddess rising, her essence of sensuality in the element of innocence, and love. Yummy so all spoke to my souls dance....'

Annette Erica: 'The Womb of Isis was a wonderful blend of connection with soul sisters, personal healing, spiritual teachings and awakenings and loads of fun in a safe and supportive atmosphere. I've always been drawn to this great Goddess and felt the initiation to a deeper part of me. We delved into so much. I love every minute of it. I wished it was longer. So much appreciation to both of you. I think all women would benefit from taking part in The Womb of Isis. I surely did, on many levels. Thank you Thank you Thank you xxxx '

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