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The Next Ceremony will be held on Saturday 24th of February 2018 from 5:30 pm until 9 pm.

The Venue: Bluestone Church Arts Space,  8A Hyde Street, Footscray 3011, VIC

Email: [email protected]

Sharon: 0499 079 089  

Joseph: 0499 619 244


Wear comfortable fitting clothes

Bring a yoga matt, eye masks, cushions, and water a bottle.

Investment is $99 for the Event.

Ceremony Outline

We welcome you to join us in Sacred Space as we invite the Four Wind Spirit Horses in a ceremony of community connection, reconciliation, clearing and healing.  Step out of linear time as we share the story of the Wind Horses request for ceremony and share the meaning of the Wind Horses in different traditions.  We will also do work to find the Wind Horse within (personal psychic power).

In this immersive 3.5 hour ceremony, you will be taken on a journey around the medicine wheel.  Each cardinal direction and element will have a separate sound healing.

This will be a truly immersive and sensory shamanic event to experience and share.

Register and Pay for your Place ...

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Experience Master Plant Guidance; Sound Healing, a Transmission from the 4 Directions, Elements & Wind Horses.

The event is facilitated by Sharon Bolt and two professional sound healers – Katie Underwood and Tikal Sermet.

Katie will capture the energy of air for the Wind Horses to soar to the higher realms of mind and soul with chimes and melodic drum to guide them. As the Earth energy rises, the Wind Horses come to land, to drums and ancient tribal callings, connecting with the heart beat, echoed in it’s galloping rhythms.

Tikal will guide the ceremony through sacred Waters with the rich sonic signature of the American Wind Horses and the blessings of the Whale wisdom.


The journey will follow with a sacred Fire song designed to evoke or ignite the rapture in divine communion, with the help of the Arabic and North African Wind Horses.

Bonnie Petch, our special guest sound healer,  will link each cardinal direction with the crystal singing bowls.  We will finish in the middle, in the centre with Spirit with a very special sound healing to lift your spirit and send the Wind Horses home.

Sound healing induces a deep state of relaxation by directly affecting the brainwaves, slowing down heart rate, blood pressure and activating the parasympathetic nervous system which encourages the body to rest and heal itself. You will feel deeply restored, rejuvenated, calm but energised.

  • An air magic ritual
  • A ceremonial tea blend of 5 protection Master Plant Spirits ***
  • Smudging cleanse using each of these plants
  • Self cleansing ritual with the hero plants
  • Receive the plants in special gateways in your physical body to facilitate an etheric connection with these plant spirits
  • Shamanic Drum Journey
  • "Spirit" Cleanse – a special spirit drink used since the 15th century in sacred ceremony as medicine, respectfully honouring its properties. This is for a clearing and participation is optional.
  • The sound healing will take you on a journey around the medicine wheel.  
  • Each cardinal direction and element will have a separate sound healing.

*** Please note that none of the plants included in the ceremony are listed as psychoactive.


Ceremonialist – Sharon is skilled multidisciplinary therapist specialising in the body-mind-spirit connection. Sharon is an initiated Shamanic Witch and a qualified kinesiologist, clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, energy healer, health coach, aromatherapist, core shamanism practitioner and chi kung instructor. Sharon is a grounded yet intuitive ceremonialist. She has been facilitating energy training workshops, shamanic workshops and women’s only healing workshops for 15 years (overseas and in Australia). She creates grounded spaces for transformation and is used to working with the deepest wounds in people. Website: sharonbolt.com

Shamanic Energy Trainer & Space Holder - Joseph is certified in a number of Clinical disciplines, including hypnotherapy, Hypnoenergetics, Past Life Regression, Quantum Consciousness Experience Facilitation, NLP Master Practitioner, diplomat of Milton Ericksonian based psychotherapy.  He is also a Shamanic Practitioner, and specialises in Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Vitality training, Intrusion removal, Soul Portion Retrieval, Animal Totem reconnection, Psycho-pomp, Tuvan Drum Healing, Song and Word Doctoring, Guided Meditation, Journey facilitation, Sound Vibration Healing, and Shamanic Divination.  He is also an Advanced Soul Plan Reader and helps clients connect to and restore their original Soul Blue Print.  Website:  embodiedsoul.com.au

Sound Healing -  Katie Underwood is a singer, sound healer, remedial massage therapist, reiki practitioner and meditation teacher.  She holds a Diploma in Sound Therapy, Diploma of Remedial Massage, Reiki 1 & 2 and is certified as a meditation teacher with Melbourne Meditation Centre. Katie holds regular sound meditations in Belgrave, Bayswater, Mornington, Williamstown, Balaclava, Northcote and Woodend. Sound therapy includes use of crystal bowls, tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, drums & vocal toning.

Sound Healing - In Bali she received blessings from White Star who has witnessed her initiation to the Whale totem, carrier of the Akashic records and keepers of the songline essences of the Water tribe. In Peru Tikal has sat in deep listening to the healing songs of the Shipibo medicine people, and in China she has travelled along three Naxi Dongba shamans still practicing the ancient arts of communication with Nature and its people. Website: https://www.anantaboga.com

Space Holder & HealerTaryn is an Intuitive Healer, Frequency Channel and Spiritual Artist. Her healing journey into various modalities and deep affinity with the Crystal Kingdom spans over 22 years, from Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Herbal Medicine, Clinical Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine. Taryn holds a grounded, heart centred energy that creates a safe and nurturing space for healing, activation and awakening, creating a bridge between both the physical and non physical worlds to facilitate more of one's soul stream to come through. Taryn feels blessed to have aligned with many powerful and unique healing Crystals throughout her life and is honoured to be able to share their unique gifts with others.

Sound Healing - Bonnie is a multifaceted intuitive energy worker. She is a qualified energy healer, yoga instructor and a core shamanic practitioner. Her journey into sound started at the age of 3, playing as a professional cellist during her adolescence. Throughout her spiritual growth, she has been given the privilege to work with a number of unique instruments, where she learned how to bring in sound and vibration into her healing work. Bonnie holds a space that enables you to reconnect and allow your soul to be immersed in the ancient sounds of the Celtic Bronze Age Dord Iseal and Balinese Gong vibrations

Sharon Bolt

Joseph Callender

Katie Underwood

Tikal Sermet

Taryn Guerinoni

Bonnie Petch