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Taryn Guerinoni

"If there is one Workshop that every woman should do for themselves in their lifetime, it is the Empress and the Dragon.  It was the most significant healing and empowering, sovereign experiences of the True Divine Feminine that I have ever had and I encourage every woman I know to give this sacred gift to themselves.  The multidimensional layers, level of intricate detail, the integrity of information and depth of sacred processes, far exceeds any other Sacred Feminine Workshop out there.

I feel so blessed to be a part of such sacred and significant woman's work. Thank you Sharon Bolt and Caitlin Olivia for your tireless genius and integrity and thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such a special team ..."

Alexandra Nel

"Something I have learned from all of the personal development and spiritual explorations that I have undertaken is: you cannot fathom the profound extent of something until you are able to achieve perspective from it. During this course I was constantly blown away at how deeply, deeply profound and shifting the activities undertaken were. In every moment working alongside these women, as part of a diverse sisterhood, we were able to understand that truly special, empowered and ancient wisdom was taking place; gifted to us through our commitment and investment to be a part of this course. And now, I can only brace for the unfolding of this work- over the next year (or five!)- the true significance of which can only be felt once perspective is achieved.

This weekend is JAM PACKED with magic, with wisdom, with authentically integral medicine not only for each individual that participates but for the world. As I am writing it is difficult to not become grandiose with my explanation of what this course is. It is really one of the most profound experiences I have ever had in my entire life. This investment has already shifted my relationships, it has already strengthened my resolve, the responsibility I hold in carrying myself through life, and the love and power I carry to heal my own wounding which, like a ripple, can only prevent the proliferation of sometimes generational patterns.

I have never really been one for 'women's work'. I shy away from what I would call 'cheesy' or 'lovey dovey' spiritualism. I cannot even describe the gratitude that I feel for myself, for the facilitators of this course and the women that came to be a part of this collective experience. I am discovering what it is to be a woman...at the age of 30. I'm discovering how to accept myself and strengthen myself and acknowledge the power in balance whilst reprogramming my subconscious mind from a conscious platform

I am feeling truly, truly empowered like a deep remembering that has been unearthed that can never be forgotten again. The initiations that have taken place have and will change my life. I am blown away at how hard the women that create and facilitate this course have worked in order to provide this for us. I can only hope that men can find their way to having a course like this for themselves because this is something special, this is GOLD, this is the medicine that we need and I really urge you to give this a go with an open heart and a hunger for knowing and for facing yourself.

In this course you are not babied, but you are taught to hold your inner child. You are not told what truth is but you are lead to the closely guarded place within yourself of deep knowing. Your walls are not forcibly removed by another, but you are shown the places where you can find the gaps in the fence, where you can reveal your own blockages, and given the tools to not only recognise this but overcome it. You are led to personal power, to personal wisdom and encouraged to share and contribute in the growth and uplifting of women and the world. The information that was provided was extremely well thought out, put together and presented.

Do this for your children, for your lovers, for your grandmothers, but mostly, do this for yourself. Thank you so much Sharon, Caitlin and the multiple other women who shared a wide range of wisdom and modalities with us over this weekend in order to open up old wounds and allow us to repair them ourselves. Truly inspired and inspiring work. Thank you. "

Mariana Gagula

Mara Dower

"I have done a lot of work on myself over the years and have attended a lot of workshops and plant meditations and feel I have come a long way. But the Obsidian egg called us through Empress and the Dragon, and I have to say, that the fusion of energies, information, the layers of preparation to come into a beautiful ceremony at the end have had profound shifts on many layers of my being, that I'm still integrating and understanding.

The womb, yoni and breast work is also something every woman I believe should experience; for healing of themselves at a deep level and to heal the red threads of women in our community and in the world. I'm excited to come home to my Obsidian egg pack to continue this deep healing work. Much love and thanks to The Empress and the Dragon team.

Such an amazing bunch of women. Thank you for being my mirror. And such an amazing weekend. Mind body soul blowing - still integrating. Such a blessing and really humbled. Thank you The Empress & The Dragon team much love ... "

"I feel really blessed to have been a part of The Empress & Dragon weekend. This program was filled with so much gold and precious content that I feel spoilt. I can best describe it as an infusion of alchemy. Every little detail had so much thought and genuine intention behind it. That is definitely the key!!

I really love you guys for birthing this work into a time where there is so much misleading and confusing information out there in the new age movement and in the realms of women’s work. There is a lot of BS out there and social media floods us with ideas and programs constantly about what it looks like to be feminine, sexy or sexual not to mention the misuse and commercialization of sacred feminine practices. It was a breath of fresh air to receive Age old teachings and medicines that deserve respect and delivered from a neutral perspective without any ego agendas.

Thank you for creating a safe place for women to activate their own healing and empower themselves. I know how much time and effort you put into creating a ‘safe container’ I know you value this highly as a duty of care as a facilitator and so mucho respect for that, I could definitely feel the difference in the room. I could feel it was a true heartfelt creation!! And this is just the beginning "


Manjit Kairo-Mieszkowski


The Empress and the Dragon workshop was a profound catalyst for shifting old paradigms and thought patterns. Many of my limiting beliefs were raised; some that I was aware of, and some that I was not.

Whenever I do women’s only work, I feel very challenged so I must break through many self inflicted barriers. I prefer working with men and women for that false idea of balance.

Sharon is an amazing space holder, so many upgrades!

Sharon and Caitlin allow you to find the feminine and masculine balance within yourself. Nothing is pushed, all you get is what you are willing to receive and how you wish to define yourself.

I realise that we have been subjected to so much distorted about what it is to embody the feminine, this team allows you to attune your focus to what is most true to you. Entraining your true essence.

Thank you for the weekend. Much worth -  such wow!

Once again Sharon Bolt, Caitlin Olivia and the team were able to provide a safe haven upon which we were able to open, release and find sacred parts of our being.

It truly was an 'out of this world' experience with so much love and compassion shown to us all. Thank you for helping me remember the sacredness of my womb and body.

For all the women out there - we all need this, please give yourself a chance and come to this space. You deserve to see the truth of the sacred feminine vs the false information circulating at the moment.

Much love to you all and in honouring the divine feminine. Thank you xxx

Isabella Baring

The Empress and The Dragon was more profound than I ever could have imagined. Sharon and Caitlin’s immaculate attention to detail made the weekend run seamlessly, creating the most nourishing and sacred space for me to do deep healing work.

The event is energetically pristine with a perfect balance between masculine and feminine energies. If you want someone to hold your hand all weekend and tell you that you’re worthy then this is not the right workshop for you. Instead, they will hold the space for you to realise such truths through your own embodied experience, initiating yourself as the powerful healer that you are.

Sharon delivers the new paradigm teachings and exercises direct from spirit, then as a sovereign being you are responsible for taking on whatever you are ready to take. The profound experience continues long after the weekend with the obsidian egg protocol, so there is no hiding from what has been stirred up and activated within.

For me, transformation is occurring everywhere I look and at a rate I have not previously known. I am eternally grateful to Sharon and Caitlin for bringing this work through with such integrity and I recommend it to all women who are ready to cut the fluff and embody a new wave of the authentic, evolved Feminine.

Just  finished an amazing weekend at the Empress and Dragon workshop. I had a deep knowing that I wanted to learn and explore yoni eggs.  After starting several online jade egg courses there was always something missing for me so never finished and kept searching, not really knowing what I was looking for but still very much on my mind.

I fell upon ‘The Empress and The Dragon’ workshop wondering to myself “could this be just another one?”

NO. This was "THE ONE".

After talking to both Sharon and Caitlin I got YES this is the one.

Now completed, I am grateful to have received my calling of going in deep and powerful with these potent yoni eggs.

Sharon and Caitlin were beautiful space holders and shared so much knowledge and loving support to the circle of women in front of them.

Thankyou again for a beautiful weekend.

I highly recommend to all .

Tracy - Brisbane

The Empress and the Dragon weekend workshop was one of healing, of sisterhood, and of coming home. It was both a culmination of a life’s spiritual ‘work’ as well as a jumping off point for what is to come.  It felt like every aspect of woman that had come before was honoured in ritual, in ceremony, in love and rite of passage, including homage to and clearing of ancestral and lineage guilt, shame and fear.

The protocol that I’m now undertaking as an extension to this workshop is a beautiful container of awareness to the growth and transition that is taking place. The experiences shared with the women on the weekend I will not soon forget. The wisdom shared is both enlightening, practical and empowering, enabling it to be used on the daily for more healing, clearing and awareness.

Sharon and Caitlin are incredible space holders, facilitating a beautiful weekend of clearing, healing and magick. I felt held, understood, seen, heard and nurtured. Their ongoing support for this 3 month protocol is so beautiful.

I’m very much looking forward to experiencing what is to come in the protocol with the other women from the weekend.

What a blessing this work (and you both) are ❤

My yearning for ritual has led me to create my own ceremonial circles and to find soul family, mentors and practices for such communion, it is not easy to find authentic and impeccable space in a society outside of a tribal context.

This quest has opened me to aligning with circles such as The Empress and the Dragon, and with reverence I have had my ancestral lineage properly addressed and my entire being honoured, from early childhood to my current living.

The rituals we engaged in and consecrated together have brought tears of peacemaking to my face and triggered liberating dreams of lovemaking with my past (This is significant!), and parts of myself I had forbidden and shamed.

Though this great work was already a part of my day to day living it has gone even deeper (as it is endless) with such assistance and gentle witnessing thanks to everyone's presence at the weekend.

What we do in circle and especially with such authentic loving guidance has a subliming effect on the programs that no longer serve and on the ones we want to step into, in this way we do not cast with disdain what was painful but with gratitude and find oneself therefore ready for a due celebration on an individual and very much so on a cosmic level.

Suffice to say this workshop creates a conscious change in the paradigm we live in and it naturally will generate endless ripples throughout the ages. If you have wished the most loving of worlds for your child to arrive into, you want to do the empress and the dragon. It does not matter whether your child is already birthed or not conceived of yet, this is ceremonial space and is working with the psyche, the realms where ancestors and the living create magickal poems, potions of healing medicines and initiatory blessings! Hence time exists in a non linear way, powers are amplified and all carefully mentored conscious actions are received by all humans that resonate with the vibration of Love and understanding.

For someone that has asked for guidance into my womanhood, I have found new (and yet ancient) paths to walk upon and discover.

Thank you for your work I am now embarked with even more support into getting to knowing more of my 'wombmenship'.

Tikal Emilie Sermet

Pru Blennerhassett

Winter Womb Warmer

I attended a Winter Womb Warmer that couldn't have been more magical or carefully curated. We worked with intention, gratitude, fire, plant spirits, sacred tea, EFT and more.

It was a thoroughly multilayered weaving of connecting, clearing and setting intentions. I have found that often it isn’t always easy to find really properly knowledgeably held spaces for this type of work so the integrity and grounded-ness of the hosts made for a safe container whilst regular doses of lightheartedness and humour made it quite frankly the best kind of night out!

I was also really intrigued by how the plant elements helped facilitate, as was said on the night, deep work but with the capacity for lightness.. and fun!...

I felt held and safe, and also had a ball!

Thankyou Sharon & Caitlin 💜

Obsidian Arrow ceremony

Dear Sharon

I just wanted to say that the Obsidian Arrow ceremony was incredible for me, it felt like the last link for the Empress & Dragon protocol... it really felt like quite a massive night & I've felt the best womb clearing and ongoing internal shifts, like permanent upgrading and Qi circulation from the pelvic bowl to the rest of the body.

Even though I love this kind of work and revel in it - I found myself surprised and humbled once again with the plant and crystal allies, their power and willingness to help...

Thanks for being an incredible facilitator - Cheers! 💜

Dear Sharon and Caitlin,

Thank you so much for birthing this program. It is incredibly powerful and It has changed my life.

I learnt a lot in this time, but even more than that - in 3 short months I have made a lot of changes and brought them into the physical - these are big massive things that I’ve been wanting and working on changing for years. Stubborn things that I had difficulty budging. And the protocol bought these results in just 3 short months.

Some of the effects include - my libido of my 20’s has returned. Before the program it was in neutral gear for 8 years after my son was born. Now it is not. :) So my husband is happy and our relationship has gotten even better. I also cleared 2 big past life / ancestral programs that deeply impacted my day to day life and how safe I felt in the world. Clearing these has been life changing.

I’ve also had a MAJOR healing in the wounded shadow aspect of myself that I’ve been trying to shift for years. And obsidian has given me so many other good things but I won’t go on.

In short, thanks so much to the obsidian spirit and this amazing program I have grown more spiritually in the last 3 months than in all the years I’ve been doing this work. It is phenomenal and I am so grateful.

Thank you so much Sharon, Caitlin and Obsidian. Xx



Pippa Jane

When I saw the next workshop 'The Empress and the Dragon Rose' from the Empress and the Dragon series I felt in every sense of my being that it came at the perfect time. Upon reading what would take place on the weekend, I knew it would be heart focused and working with Rose medicine.

However I had no idea how truly soul shaking and heart awakening it would be. For me the 'Empress and the Dragon Rose' is the truest, deepest heart work I've done. I have attended a lot of heart opening workshops, sessions and energy work but for me this was very different.

This for me was deep awakening on so many timelines, dimensions and lifetimes that I have never felt before. I was taken to the depths of my heart during that weekend and the following months that unfolded after. It truly has been a journey back to my own heart.

I now feel how essential it was for me to take the next step into the series and continue working with the next Cauldron and the integration process following the first one. I feel more balanced, awakened and most of all I feel I am living my life in such an authentically heart centred way.

It has changed my relationship to reality and has allowed me to fall in love with life all over again. Something I haven't felt to this level since being an innocent child, but with more wisdom and protection.

I want to deeply thank Sharon Bolt from the depths of my newly awakened heart for continuing to blow my mind, provide such wisdom, knowledge and transmissions that are always from such a deep place of authenticity and love. And a big thank you to Caitlin Priday, facilitator and apprentice for her strength and willingness to hold us all so well.

If you have done the Empress and the Dragon Obsidian, I highly recommend the next in the series "The Empress and the Dragon Rose'.

Karen Kennedy

For me, Part 1 of the Empress and Dragon – Obsidian was a much-needed cracking open, yet at the same time, reconnection with my true self transforming every area of my life since competing 18 months ago.

The Empress and Dragon is so much more than a weekend workshop where we usually learn a few things and leave in a temporary but unsustainable ‘feel good’ place.  Following the weekend is a unique 3-month protocol that embeds and allows and embodying of the lessons and healings.  The depth of this work is immeasurable and the healing that takes place in every woman beyond extraordinary.

One of the most remarkable qualities of this program is that each woman will experience and learn what they need in that time.  For me, an opening, for others, a softening or an expansion, for others, an awakening to a new way of being.  So special.
This work goes beyond the individual, healing and honouring our ancestors, our magical lineages, and the collective wounding of women heal, the Divine feminine and masculine, and Mother Earth.  Following this experience, committing to Part 2- Rose was a no-brainer and my heart said an immediate yes.

Rose ramps the magic and healing up a whole other level, building on the foundation of Obsidian to provide a multi-dimensional, deeply layered yet beautifully accessible and loving experience.  The work of Sharon and Caitlin is so incredibly honouring and authentic, and their space-holding the safest I have experienced.  I am beyond excited and ready for Part 3.

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