Pyramid of Light

The Pyramid of Light ceremony allows you to reconnect to the energetic coding of the ancient Pyramid rituals and ceremonies.   This is a sacred crystal and plant spirit Ceremony with the medicines of the ancient pyramids. The intention of this ceremony is to balance your inner masculine and feminine and awaken dormant DNA information.

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Cacao Ceremony

Join us for an immersion into the Mayan Medicine of Cacao, a masterful plant teacher that originates in Central and South America. In this half day retreat, a multi-disciplinary team of practitioners will deliver an embodied ceremonial practice utilising cacao in 6 different formats (ingestion methods), including witch’s herbs, aura plant cleanses, crystal healing, yin and yang embodiment exercises, sound healing and much more.

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‍‍‍There was a time where many of us served in Egyptian Temples, before they were hijacked. We invite you to re-experience the magic of the Temple as we gather to re-connect our wombs, to the womb of the Mother of Creation. This facilitates the birth of new energies and spiritual gifts into your life. Allow this ceremony to support the manifestation of whatever you wish to experience in your life.

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Rose & Tobacco

Join us in a ceremony of reconciliation and sacred union.  We will be weaving together the Sisterhood of the Rose, the Path of the Thorn blooded Witch, and the Brotherhood of Tobacco. You will experience their deep connection as allies to the human race and to each other. Plus, you will learn how to work with these plants for psychic protection, communication, boundaries, and much more...

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The 4 Wind Horses

Join us in Sacred Space as we invite the Four Wind Spirit Horses in a ceremony of community connection, reconciliation, clearing and healing.  Step out of linear time as we share the story of the Wind Horses their meaning in different traditions. In this immersive 3.5 hour ceremony, you will be taken on a journey around the medicine wheel. Each cardinal direction and element will have a separate sound healing.

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Mini Spirit Babies

Many of us live with a little empty nest inside our womb space. It’s a place where we hold our grief for the babies who are not physically with us due to miscarriage, termination, stillbirth, adoption, life circumstances or choice. This can have an unseen impact in our day-to-day lives and is often accompanied by shame, guilt, anger, regret, confusion and deep sadness. Our 'Spirit Babies - Healing Womb Grief' workshops, and retreats create a pathway of conscious engagement ...

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