Regular practice of the Dragon forms will help you to maintain optimum health,

and you will notice your mind will brighten, and you will become more positive and peaceful.

Our Minds and Bodies are linked in a symbiotic relationship.

Therefore, our minds can be trained by regulating and directing our bodies, and our bodies can be trained by controlling our minds.

Qi energy acts as the medium between the two.

Accumulating more Qi enables us to maximise the capabilities of our bodies and mind.

The Red Dragon Form is focussed on accumulating Jing and Ki Energy in the body.  

Enabling us to harness and eventually control and direct universal Qi.

Form Scrolls up and down

Form Scrolls up and down

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This is the fourth series in the Year of Power and will be live streamed and recorded.

Classes Begin 1st August 2022 at 6:30pm.

To reserve your place on the course you will need to fill out this form and pay a non refundable $50 deposit.  The full price is $250.

The RED Dragon Warrior Form 5 week series will teach you precise movements which have a comprehensive effect on body and mind. You’ll feel its benefits right away. A steady practice of the techniques will enable you to:

  • Loosen your muscles and joints for better energy circulation
  • Increase flexibility and boost vitality
  • Open blockages in your body’s major energy channels and centers
  • Practice accumulating energy in the Dan Tien
  • Begin to learn how to control the flow of energy and find your unique rhythm

The movements in this form are smooth and circular to mirror the principles of movement in the cosmos.  We perform rotational movements to move Qi (Ki, Chi, Prana) deep into our bones where most energetic blockages are held.

Most of the movements are easy and simple, but their effects are very great, and with the breathing should enable most (even beginners) to feel Qi.  When we practice breathing and movements that involve rotating the bones and twisting the muscles, waste materials stagnating in the body are effectively eliminated, and new energy is delivered deep into the muscles.

Movements that twist and squeeze the muscles also activate the capillaries, invigorating Qi and blood circulation.

What Will You Get Out of This Series?

As you already know, Shamanic Energy Training blends healing modalities (chi kung, meditation, visualisation, core shamanism, hypnosis) to balance the body, mind and spirit.

This form class will focus heavily on the Qi Gong healing aspects. Qi Gong causes energy to circulate to every corner of the body through the meridians, blood vessels, and nerves.  Once energy circulates throughout the entire body, the chest begins to feel comfortable as the functions of the internal organs are improved and the mind is cleared and refreshed.  It’s believed that swallowing the saliva that’s produced whilst you practice, results in the promoting the body’s natural healing process.


Heat is generated by the process of doing these movements, and cold harmful Qi, that has penetrated within our bones is driven from our bodies.  Constant repetition eventually clears blockages and once the energy channels are opened up, blood circulation becomes smooth and regular, clearing the blood of impurities, allowing our minds to become clear.

Filling our bodies with Qi, maximises our body's natural healing ability, and the body regains its flexibility and vitality.  The body becomes purified and our constitution changes.  Note that our temperament is linked to our internal organs.  Healthy organs and harmonious energy produces an amicable harmonious character – and opens our eyes to a deep love for the world and humanity