The White Dragon Form is the first form Class in the Shamanic Energy Training Programme.  It is a non-combative, healing Martial Art that builds on the Principles introduced in Elemental Warrior, and can be described as a dynamic balance between powerful movement, exquisite grace, and inner stillness. Part dance, part meditation, part healing method, and part Martial Art.  

Regular practice of this form will help you to build your strength, improve musculoskeletal alignment and improve your energy circulation, and access to stillness during movement.


This Form Class is the Second Warrior Class.  Participants will be introduced to basic patterns which form the foundation of all the other Form patterns.  The simple movements of this form help to remove blocks in your energy, gather energy into your core for greater power, and spread energy throughout your body for increased vitality.

This form can help us to develop the habit of surrendering to the flow of universal energy, whilst in movement, an essential component to energy dance.  It will also prepare you for the up coming Dragon Shamanic Day Workshop, plus give you additional tools to further your own private practice.

Elemental Warrior introduced the basic principles of Shamanic Energy Training and showed how we can appreciate the connection between the elements and our bodies.  We, as humans, do not exist separately from the elements, the heavens, or the earth. What connects us to all is energy, (also called prana, chi and Qi).  Dragons are able to travel to all realms.  The Dragon Forms enable us to connect our bodies and minds, using the universal Qi energy, to the heavens, the elements and earth.  Practicing the Dragon Forms enables us to harness and eventually control and direct universal Qi.

Energy training is just like any other training, if you don’t practice you lose the benefits.  

The White Dragon Warrior Form 5 week course will teach you precise movements which have a comprehensive effect on body and mind. You’ll feel its benefits right away. A steady practice of the techniques will enable you to:

  • Loosen your muscles and joints for better energy circulation
  • Increase flexibility and boost vitality
  • Open blockages in your body’s major energy channels and centers
  • Practice accumulating energy in the Dan Tien
  • Begin to learn how to control the flow of energy and find your unique rhythm

The movements in this form are smooth and circular to mirror the principles of movement in the cosmos.  We perform rotational movements to move Qi (Ki, Chi, Prana) deep into our bones where most energetic blockages are held.

Most of the movements are easy and simple, but their effects are very great, and with the breathing should enable most (even beginners) to feel Qi.  When we practice breathing and movements that involve rotating the bones and twisting the muscles, waste materials stagnating in the body are effectively eliminated, and new energy is delivered deep into the muscles.

Movements that twist and squeeze the muscles also activate the capillaries, invigorating Qi and blood circulation

What Will You Get Out of This Course?

As you already know, Shamanic Energy Training blends healing modalities (chi kung, meditation, visualisation, core shamanism, hypnosis) to balance the body, mind and spirit.

This form class will focus heavily on the Qi Gong healing aspects. Qi Gong causes energy to circulate to every corner of the body through the meridians, blood vessels, and nerves.  Once energy circulates throughout the entire body, the chest begins to feel comfortable as the functions of the internal organs are improved and the mind is cleared and refreshed.  It’s believed that swallowing the saliva that’s produced whilst you practice, results in the promoting the body’s natural healing process.

Heat is generated by the process of doing these movements, and cold harmful Qi, that has penetrated within our bones is driven from our bodies.  Constant repetition eventually clears blockages and once the energy channels are opened up, blood circulation becomes smooth and regular, clearing the blood of impurities, allowing our minds to become clear.

Filling our bodies with Qi, maximises our body's natural healing ability, and the body regains its flexibility and vitality.  The body becomes purified and our constitution changes.  Note that our temperament is linked to our internal organs.  Healthy organs and harmonious energy produces an amicable harmonious character – and opens our eyes to a deep love for the world and humanity

  • VIBRATION WARM UPS: helps release stagnant energy still left in the system.  Relaxes the body, activates the lymph system, moves energy through the joints and helps to release and let go
  • BREATHING POSTURES:  Energy accumulation postures circulate fresh new energy into our system so that we can use this energy for manifesting and co-creating.  Helps maintain good physical energy and power to be able to hold higher spiritual frequencies.
  • RELAXATION: Full guided relaxation to assist the physical body to receive the benefits of the class.  May sometimes include a guided meditation or drum journey.
  • ENERGY MEDITATION: Energy meditation puts the brain in an alpha wave pattern, quietening the mind and sensitising you to feeling energy.  As you feel your own healing energy between your palms, you awaken the inner healer, and connect your consciousness to your physical body.  In more advanced practices, this meditation can connect you to all aspects of your Self.
  • BODY TAPPING: Opens up the meridian system.  Tapping encourages energy flow and detoxification.
  • OPENING JOINTS: The joints are the locations where energy blockages are most easily formed.  It is easy to feel external energy flow on the surface of the skin but to feel the internal energy flow, we have to release the stiffness of the joints and reactivate their function
  • MERIDIAN STRETCHES: Integrative stretching exercises activate the Meridian system, these exercises help you coordinate body/breath/mind
  • MARTIAL ARTS BASIC FORM: Fill your body with chi and maximise its healing abilities
  • HOLDING POSTURES: Burn stagnant energy and activate the lower energy centres.  They also help develop will power and focus. Combined with breathing exercises to burn through energetic blockages


Class Length 90 mins approx

This course is perfect for you if you are ready to deepen your practice and learn some newer techniques.  We will build on this class in later Shamanic Energy Training Events.  This training has the effect of expanding the potential of your existing practices and everything else you are working on.

This is a perfect class to play with some of the principles learned in Spirit Animal.

Please call or email for additional information.

Contact [email protected]  or call Joseph on: 0499 619 244

Classes will be live streamed ONLINE - via Facebook - for 5 Weeks Starting Tuesday 4th August at 6:30pm.  All sessions will be recorded and added to a private facebook group so you can participate at your leisure.


  • Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes, this is an energy training class so it involves movement and postures.
  • Bring a yoga matt and water bottle.
  • Maximum class size is 30 people. You need to commit to the 5-week programme …

Note each class will have a follow up video and the whole sequence will be available on Video so don’t panic if you will miss a day.

Investment is $250 for the 5 classes.  Regular Energy Trainers will pay $222 - Message Joseph for the discount Code

To secure your place, you must sign up and pay a deposit of $50 or pay in full

White Dragon Form Series Enrolment

We are now taking enrolments for Dragon - the next 5 week series of classes which will be Live streamed  on Facebook in a private group


Classes Start 4th August 2020 at 6:30pm.

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Rob Angelise

The Form Class teaches a series of graceful forms that communicates with the physical and energetic system of the body through slow movements and deep breathing. Since doing the class, I noticed my muscles are looser, there’s less contraction and more power in my movement.  The cardiopulmonary function of my body also improved from the slow and deep breathing techniques that accompanied the form. I feel lighter, happy and emotionally more resilient.  

Like medicine, I do the training regularly, and from the time I started training with Sharon and Joseph, my physical body seems much more able to handle the physical and emotional stress, energy pollution and unexpected activities from the daily grind. I have not become sick since my first training, and noticed that my body is happy, my mind better focused, and I feel that I am moving with all the elements around me.

Overall, this training has opened the doors for self-discovery and healing. It taught us courage and how to forgive ourselves; but most of all, the biggest lesson I received from the training is learning to trust my own power through surrender and embracing everything.

This is a class you need to take now. If your daily activities are somehow stressing you, or the environment you are in is affecting your physical and emotional functions…

Ruth Gavin

The form class was a really great opportunity for me to connect more deeply with the flow of energy, and was also a perfect addition to the energy training. It gave me another means in which to learn how to further accumulate energy through its flowing movement form sequence. As I practiced, especially in class, the sequence continued to build in strength and I could really feel the energy flowing through my body.

I've been attending Sharon and Joe's Warrior Shamanic Energy Training for just over a year now, and when I look back at where I started from, my life has been transformed as a result. The classes have benefited me in overcoming chronic pain, helping me to become aware of my own body and being present to what is happening for me, moving through and releasing stuck emotions which have assisted me with emotional stability.

I am able to ground myself far more effectively, I have a better understanding and respect of my own energy, also resulting in better boundaries for myself. These classes have also taught me how to connect with, and trust my intuition.

During this past year, the foundations that these classes have given me have supported me in gaining the confidence and self belief to make some massive changes to my life (changes I feared making in the past) and to finally find the courage to follow my passion. I now make it a part of my morning ritual now and always feel clarity and ready for the day as a result.

Thanks Sharon and Joe for your constant support