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Every human has a divine essence, a soul, and our bodies act as temporary housing whilst we undertake this human journey. We came to the Earth in order to learn, grow and evolve. All of the lessons and tools we need to complete our soul’s journey are already contained within our bodies.  The apparent difficulties and experiences that come with a human body, create the learning environment that enables our soul's wisdom to expand.

The chakras are vitally important to the growth of the soul, as they contain the energetic mechanisms that enable us to reconnect to our divine nature. Learning to understand our life energy as contained in our energy fields and chakras, helps us complete our soul's Journey.

The chakras interface with the body primarily through our endocrine glands and spine. They act as an interface between our personal energy and the universal energy field. Energy flows in and out of our bodies in a never-ending exchange with the universal energy field. Each of the seven major chakras acts as a conduit for a particular form of energy, assimilating and distributing it to specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions.

You can think of the Chakras as the ‘organs’ of your body's energy system and every aspect of health is connected to one or more chakra. We can learn a lot about ourselves by exploring our chakras, and can improve our life and health.

Working with our chakras can help:

  • Overcome anxiety to feel more calm and secure
  • Access more fun, creativity and pleasure in our lives
  • Develop our personal power, self-esteem and vitality
  • Assist in healing troubled relationships and form meaningful new relationships
  • Speak our truth and create a life that truly expresses who we are
  • Gain wisdom, clarity, intuition and perspective
  • Develop a connection to something greater, find meaning, experience more wonder, and feel more inner peace.

As we mature, grow and evolve, we go through discernible stages of understanding and development, which are physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual.   An in depth knowledge of our Chakras helps us understand the stages of our own spiritual growth.

As we progress through our life cycle, we channel and unlock  the energy, and level of awareness, held in each chakra, during each phase of development.

However, if our environment is unsupportive, or if we suffer psychic or emotional trauma during any phase, we are sometimes prevented from achieving the milestones of that particular stage of development, and we can become less prepared for the next developmental challenge.

Our soul, the essence of our nature, transcends time and space. Everyone has this eternal life force within them.

When you acknowledge that you are the essence of eternal life, you will experience a sense of freedom and connection.

Each of us has all of our life lessons and developmental stages within us, simultaneously making demands and providing perspective, insight, and wisdom.

These are all stored in our Chakras and energy system. Imbalances in our energy centres tend to manifest as unhealthy behaviours, character traits or disease. Any limitation or challenge that you experience in life can also be recognised as an imbalance in the associated chakra.

This series will include shamanic journeys, guided meditation, physical exercises, reflections, ceremony, breath work and direct chakra work, to help you unblock and activate your Chakras.

As we grow we experience distinct stages of development which correspond to our chronological age, and the capacity of our nervous systems to process events, information, relationships, complexity and trauma.

As we mature, our capacity to process these experiences, improves.  Although, we are not always able to process all of our experiences.  Some may overwhelm us, or leave us feeling unready or ill prepared, and we may feel their negative impact for some time.  Energetically we hold on to every experience we have ever had; and it’s impact on our nervous systems and our emotions; until such times as we seek out to heal from them.

After years of practice and study, we now believe that a person is a collection of all their experiences. We seem to have children and adults of many ages inside of us; and these ages organise themselves loosely around eight energy centres, and their developmental stages.  

What causes Chakra imbalances?

Chakras can become imbalanced for many reasons:

  • Negative thoughts and emotions can block or distort the flow of energy in a chakra.
  • Long periods of overwork can deplete a chakra.
  • Overemphasis on a particular aspect of life (such as becoming too focussed on the ’material’ world) can result in an imbalance.
  • Emotional trauma can cause a variety of disturbances.
  • A person’s upbringing, environment or culture can lead to imbalances.
  • We can be born with a particular chakra imbalance, with part of our life’s work being to restore it to harmony.
  • Development in one chakra can create a need for readjustment in other chakras.
  • A new insight, readiness for personal growth or life development (e.g. marriage, parenthood or old age) can cause a particular chakra to need to open more in response and thus throw out the other chakras.

How Chakras affect health

When we experience ill health, it may be due to an imbalance or energy blockage in the associated chakra. When an energy blockage occurs, life force energy, or Qi, cannot flow freely and may affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Chakra imbalances may be caused by stress, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, cultural conditioning, physical and emotional injuries, or a disconnection from a higher truth, among other reasons.

As energy flows through the top of the head and down to the chakras, each chakra nurtures a distinct form of energy related to specific aspects of physical and spiritual development. Energy in turn flows upwards through the chakras, resulting in universal interconnectedness. Chakra imbalances, or stagnated energy associated with a specific chakra, affect the energy flow along the nadis and meridians.

Each chakra supplies energy to specific organs, and corresponds to universal principles of our personality: survival, creativity, identity, love, expression, comprehension, and transcendence. Our chakras also code (or record) our experiences in their energies, just as memories are chemically coded in our neurones. An imprint of every emotionally significant event you have experienced is believed to be recorded in your chakra energies.

Class Enrolment

The Chakras

Enrol for your preferred Location:

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We are now taking enrolments for Chakra Warrior. This is a 6 week series held on 3 days including ONLINE:

An Evening IN PERSON CLASS held at Healing Delight, Unit 6, 219 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield North VIC 3161 Classes are held on Monday for 6 weeks, starting 6th September 2021 at 6:30pm.

A Morning IN PERSON Class held at Healing Delight, Classes are held on Wednesday for 6 weeks, starting 8th September 2021 at 11:00am.

A Morning ONLINE CLASS on Tuesday for 6 weeks starting 7th September 2021 at 11:00am.

To reserve your place, you will need to fill out this form and pay a $50 deposit.  The full price is $285 plus GST. ONLINE is $270

The Last Class is 3.5 hours - all other classes are 90 mins.  The Series is supported by a private Facebook Group and will have a Ceremony by Sharon Bolt.

Chakra Warrior Class Overview

Chakra exercises facilitate the flow of energy throughout the body by stimulating each chakra and associated energy channels. You will be participating in exercises to help you locate, consciously feel, and awaken the individual chakras.

Throughout the 5 weeks we will be developing our sensitivity to our energy centres‍‍ and learning to cleanse and activate our chakras. There will also be optional homework to continue the work at your own pace.

With practice, energy training participants learn how to feel their own energy bodies and hold their own energetic space, which eventually helps them to ground their energy. With a developed energy body, you can begin to develop a "truth core", which let's you derive the most accurate information from your own intuition.

With time, you will begin to understand the difference between your energy influences and those of others, so you can know what is your stuff (energetically) and what is someone else's influence over you.

You need a strong working energy system to navigate other non-ordinary-reality realms and you need some knowledge to do it safely.

The foundation is required to build stability. If you are a Healer, Practitioner, Energy Worker or hold events and workshops for large groups of people, then you will also benefit from learning energy techniques to ensure that you can hold powerful clean energetic spaces in your own clinics and client interactions.

Physical Benefits from balancing all 7 Chakras

  • A healthy physical body with good vitality
  • An improved ability to make things happen in the physical world
  • Healthier sexuality
  • Feeling more healthy and balanced


Mental Benefits

  • Feeling a sense of security and safety in the world
  • Be more in touch with emotions without overwhelm
  • Experience more joy
  • Healthier work and play balance
  • Greater sense of self-worth
  • Healthier personal boundaries
  • Ability to eliminate addictions
  • Balanced, healthy relationships
  • A sense of emotional contentment
  • An ability to feel compassion for others
  • An ability to express one’s truth
  • Improved listening
  • Clearer thought processes
  • Increased access to intuition and wisdom
  • A more developed sense of personal ethics
  • A greater sense of meaning and purpose in life.
  • BREATHING POSTURES:  Energy accumulation postures circulate fresh new energy into our system so that we can use this energy for manifesting and co-creating. Helps maintain good physical energy and power to be able to hold higher spiritual frequencies.
  • RELAXATION: Full guided relaxation to assist the physical body to receive the benefits of the class. Guided meditations and visualisations to help you release old emotions as well as sense and activate Chakras.
  • ENERGY MEDITATION: Energy meditation puts the brain in an alpha wave pattern, quietening the mind and sensitising you to feeling energy.  As you feel your own healing energy between your palms, you awaken the inner healer, and connect your consciousness to your physical body.  In more advanced practices, this meditation can connect you to all aspects of your Self.
  • BODY TAPPING: to open up the meridian system. Tapping encourages energy flow and detoxification.
  • JOINT OPENING: It is easy to feel external energy flow on the surface of the skin.  However, to feel the internal energy flow, we need to release the stiffness of the joints and reactivate their function
  • MERIDIAN STRETCHING: Integrative stretching exercises to activate the Meridian system, and help you coordinate body / breath / mind
  • HOLDING POSTURES: Burn stagnant energy and activate the lower energy centres.  They also help develop will power and focus, and burn through energetic blockages
  • CHAKRA VIBRATION: to activate the chakras and release stagnant energy; relax the body, activate the lymph system, and move energy through the joints

Class Structure

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