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Sacred Space Weaver

Bianca Jewel

Shamanic Energy Training’s Plant Spirit Ceremonialist 7 day workshop training has changed my life in profound ways.  It is less than easy for me to articulate and encapsulate just how special and heart centred this training is and the impact it will have on your life.

I attended Shamanic Energy Training’s ‘Plant Spirit Communication’ workshop in March, ‘Spirit Animal’ in June, ‘Spirit Allies & Mythical Creatures’ in August and then ‘Plant Spirit Ceremonialist’ training in October in Bali.

Although attendance at these workshops is not a pre-requisite (although I highly recommend) for attending the Ceremonialist training in Bali, it was evident when I was in Bali how each workshop I had attended effortlessly weaved into and made the Ceremonialist training even more complete and unified without there being overlapping or repetition of previous techniques or information that had already been taught.

All of the jigsaw pieces in the stand alone workshops I had attended came together effortlessly to create a magnificent picture of how to work with integrity and respect within a medicine wheel, creating and working with altars, the directions and elements and incorporating shamanic tools, processes and protocols.

The deep initiations, transmissions and energy upgrades received in Bali has begun an ascension process that I am still navigating and integrating.

As an experienced energy medicine practitioner with over 10 years of clinic experience and a Senior Faculty teacher of Kinesiology in Melbourne, the combination of all the workshops and the Ceremonialist training in Bali has taught me how to work in right relationship with my Spirit team, Plant spirits and Spirit allies; opening and working within a medicine wheel and connecting with and incorporating shamanic practices into my client sessions.

Thank you to Sharon, and the Shamanic Energy Training team for a fun, inclusive and incredibly supportive 7 days in Bali. Lifelong connections were made; bonds that will tie us all together for many years to come.

This is the training and teaching that you won’t find on Google or in books, it is held respectfully and lovingly, handed down and taught through a lineage that I would be honoured and proud to be initiated into.   A whole new world has been opened up to me and life will never be the same again.  

Eternally grateful xx

Sara Brooke

I have no hesitations in recommending all of them.

The Plant Ceremonialist Training in Bali was seriously next level. There's nothing else out there like it. An incredible life-changing week that I will never forget, and I am so grateful to have experienced.

Sharon has weaved her wealth of experience as a Ceremonialist into a week of plant spirit magic and powerful activation. I feel so much clearer and confident on what my personal medicine is and how I can work in right relationship with plants, my lineages, the earth and spirit.

I also feel deeply humbled. Sharon lifted the veil and opened us up to mystery school teachings I have been curious about for my entire life. With this awareness now comes a greater responsibility but I feel so much better knowing that the sacred spaces I hold will be safer for the participants coming.

Walking this path isn't easy and is not for the faint of heart. Without a guide or mentor it can be so easy to get lost and not connect the dots of cause and effect.

Sharon has the wisdom of a 500 year old, and such a deep clear connection to spirit and the plants; that having her as a mentor has allowed me to blossom and grow in ways I know I wouldn't have without her encouragement. Her integrity, generosity, wisdom and humour makes her one of the best teachers I have ever worked with.  

Working with Sharon and the Shamanic Energy Training Team has been life-changing. I came to the school at a time where I was in desperate need of embodiment and a more efficient way to manage my energy. As a healing practitioner and group work facilitator with a full time roster of clients I had been struggling to maintain my vitality and could feel I was headed to an all to familiar burn out.

Outside of work I had been in a couple of plant medicine ceremonies with master plants and was struggling to integrate the kundalini awakening they had activated.  I started with the energy training classes and was blown away by how effective they were for keeping my energy clear; emotions balanced and my mind at peace. Every time I have done a series I go through such a beautiful life blossoming and I find each class so enjoyable and insightful.

My work has expanded and become more abundant and I am finding it so easeful to maintain good boundaries and strong energy while teaching and seeing clients.

I have also gone on to do a number of the other courses from Drum Training, Plant Spirit Communications, Empress and the Dragon, and the Pendulum Training. Each journey is an initiation on its own, and compliments all the other workshops. I have walked away from each blown away with the depth of detail, abundance of knowledge and a wealth of experiential tools you get.

I find writing testimonials a real challenge as what usually comes to mind sounds clichéd and trite, and for this training with Sharon and her co-conspirators (sorry, I mean co-facilitators!) Joe, Andrew and Joanna, that just would not do ...

I felt strongly drawn to be a part of this training and knowing the high levels of integrity and skill that both Sharon and Joe work to, I had no doubt that it was going to be excellent, but it was so much more than that; surrounded by the sounds and beauty of Bali, immersed in teachings and sharings of the greatest value, the attention to the smallest detail with both the training and day to day matters made this both a deeply moving and exceptional experience.

Despite having previously completed many other trainings, including three years advanced trainings in core shamanism, Sharon takes working with spirit to a whole new level. She truly makes spirit come alive, demonstrating clearly how to work with respect and gratitude and how to recognise spirit as woven into every aspect of life.

My perspective now on working with spirit is at a far deeper and more authentic level. The whole Shamanic Energy Training team are just outstanding and I cannot recommend their trainings highly enough

... can I please go back and do it all over again???

I recently completed the Shamanic Energy Training Plant Spirit Ceremonialist training in Bali. I can easily say it was THE most transformational thing I have ever done - and I've done a  lot...

Previously I have attended a few smaller workshops with Sharon, namely dowsing and meeting Plant Spirits and drum journeying. I love Sharon's method of teaching, with lots of information, and an equal balance of experiential work. Her gentle but serious approach is the perfect balance for the important work she is initiating us in to.

I didn't really have much idea of what I was entering into before attending the workshop but was clearly called by spirit to make it happen. It was a week of intense learning.

The scope of knowledge held and shared by Sharon and her whole team was immense. Their generosity in sharing with us, what they have learnt through years of trial and error, was humbling.

There were times of feeling overwhelmed and being pushed way outside my comfort zone, but we all know that's where true, lasting growth happens and I would not change a thing.

As a team they were cohesive , supportive and more than a little awe inspiring. I always felt very safe and held and clear about what was happening next. Many of the activities were things I had never done before, and my favourite thing of all - meeting and connecting with the Blue Lotus Spirit. Who knew this beautiful amazing energy was what my soul has been longing for.

I came away from the retreat so full of learning, knowledge and information that I realised I was changed forever. The flow on effects have been immense and the new knowledge and changes that I have seen continue for me, and within me, are nothing short of astounding. The tools I learnt have already been implemented and the connections I have made to spirit are growing every day.

Ceremony has become a part of who I am and the use of the medicine wheel and journeying has impacted all that I do and how I interact with my physical and spiritual world.I can not express in words how grateful I am for this work coming into my life. I am hoping to continue the mentorship with the Shamanic Energy Team into the future and for many years to come.

I absolutely loved the Plant Spirit Ceremonialist training.

As a fairly experienced shamanic practitioner already I was pleasantly surprised with all the new techniques that I walked away with.

The new tools and information will definitely take my own practice and events to a new level. Sharon has a very unique perspective and an enormous amount of knowledge working with plants, shamanism and ceremony. Her background in Taoism brings not only humility but great integrity as well. I know the teachings will continue to deepen with time which is truly invaluable.

Being in magical Bali was just superb and the food was incredible. There was a great balance of information, experiential practices and field trips to deepen the teachings and also have some fun.

The Shamanic Energy  Training Team was amazing as well all of them super talented and knowledgeable in their specific fields. Great addition.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to run ceremonies that are of high integrity and multi layered. Whether you are experienced or a beginner it is suited to all levels.

Love your work Sharon!!!!  Deep bow Sharon. I am eternally grateful for your generous heart and your wealth of knowledge.

Sharon’s courses have a quality that is hard to articulate with words. I feel grateful and privileged to have been a part Plant Spirit Ceremonial.  The 7 days spent in a beautifully safe and supportive space were personally transformative and I feel I learnt more about myself, how to help heal others, and heal Mother Earth in this week than I could in months of formal study.

Sharon and the team, have an extraordinary wisdom and knowledge base that they generously and graciously share in a profoundly deep but accessible way.  The work is multi-layered and we covered a wide range of topics, with many healings, rituals, and journeys yet somehow, magically never felt rushed.

Rather, everything was beautifully timed, impeccably organised, and we were nurtured with good food, a stunning space, and amazing company.

Another aspect of Sharon’s courses that I love is spending time with the kind, authentic, and open-hearted people attending the course who I also learn from and many that I hope remain life-long friends.

This is not the first of Sharon’s courses and it won’t be the last.  The Water Witch Immersion, and the Empress and Dragon were also profoundly life-changing and I know my learning and growth will continue by ongoing work and future courses with Sharon and her team.

It is with a grateful heart that I write this Testimonial for Sharon and the Shamanic Energy Training team and the exquisite Plant Spirit Ceremonialist training we just completed in Bali.

Anyone who has worked with Sharon or attended any of her workshops will know that the caliber of the content she teaches and the space that she holds, is absolutely next level. This training was no exception.

We spent 7 days immersed in the Medicine Wheel learning (and remembering) how to work deeply with our own medicine whilst developing relationships with our spirit allies in many forms and from many kingdoms, planes and dimensions.

I have been facilitating circles and workshops for a good few years now and this training has opened new doorways for me that I am so humbled to be invited through. The learning never stops!

Thank you Sharon and the rest of the team for holding us so safely throughout the week and for sharing your many, many years of experience and wisdom.

I highly recommend this training for those who are called.

My life will never be the same again!

Much love and respect

Libby Penning

Tara Fischer

Susan Balfré

Kate Reed

Karen Kennedy

Tim Baxter

Daryl Krol

I attended the plant spirit ceremonialist course in Bali 2018 run by Sharon and the Shamanic Energy Training Team.

I could not recommend this highly enough.

I have totally changed my outlook on ceremonies and how they are run. The lessons we were taught are invaluable for life, and not just ceremonies.

It was highly professional and organised in such a way that you would take home a wealth of knowledge and higher understanding of the plant spirit realms and a greater understanding of spiritual hygiene.

It was fun, engaging and very practical, and taught by people who live this life and hold the utmost integrity in all aspects of life and spirituality.

I have noticed that, whilst putting these lessons into practice, I have shifted into a much higher level of living, with a stronger connection to my guides, and the higher realms,  Mother Earth and other spirit allies.

I had the opportunity to be a part of this training in Bali and it opened up opportunities to step into growth on so many dimensions.

The sacred space that Sharon and the team hold is exceptional and by far the best I have had the pleasure of training with. The knowledge and wisdom that each one holds and shares is invaluable and was taught in a way that was clear and supportive for integration.

The area that was used in the training was well protected and at no time was there any doubt about the safety or cleanliness of the space. They had complete respect for all involved in the training regardless of skill level and allowed plenty of time to integrate the teachings.

We had excursions throughout the week and each individual one generally was a part of enhancing the plant communication and initiation process.

I had many amazing experiences while away and the opportunity to meet parts of myself that had yet to surface, (some pretty others not so), for this I am truly grateful.

I would highly recommend  anyone looking to further their knowledge in Plant Spirit Ceremonialist work to look no further, as it covers all the elements required and a whole lot more.

The information learnt in this training you will not find anywhere else or in a book. The training covers so much more than they can possibly fit on their page.

Sharon and the team hold a strong clean space yet bring in some cheekiness and play too which I loved. Loved loved loved the laughs and play time. Brilliant, awesome, fantastic!

Changed my life and in the process met lifelong soul family who I have regular contact with. Thank you Sharon, and the team for being the special and amazing souls you are shining brightly to create change.

Kate Gardner

Alyce Mitchell

After some 5 years of study in various modalities, I felt spiritually mismatched and had evolved to a point where sharp decisions for my path had to be made and this training delivered just that.

The 7 day Plant Spirit Ceremonialist Facilitator Training was my first encounter with Sharon and Joseph and the team from Shamanic Energy Training.

I emerged from this week of initiations with a completely new outlook on life, with profound clarity, insight and deep respect for spirit work.

This training has given me a lifetime of tools to embody and a framework of highly advanced and ancient practices that are changing my life of a daily basis.

The principles of right relationship with plant spirit work has initiated profound connection within the physical and metaphysical dimensions of myself and the world around me, which continues to accelerate the evolution of my consciousness.

The spiritual autonomy that is encouraged also allows me to flourish in my creativity, stay inspired yet supported by well established and all encompassing template.

As a nurse in the western model of health, I am able to adapt these tools to compliment and balance all lines of my work in a practical, grounded yet fun and enriching manner.

Thanks Sharon and Joseph, it’s an honour to carry on this lineage!

Thank you so much Sharon, and the team for passing on such powerful teachings (and the dragon lineage!). A friend  and I held our own private ceremony for ourselves at a sacred & powerful site which was an absolutely mind blowing experience.

Doing the work the way we were taught on the training resulted in one of the most energetically safe, supportive and protected spaces I’ve EVER experienced which allowed for deep healing, connection and visits from the original custodians of the land, rainbow serpent and of course - dragons!

It was an amazing night full of profound learnings.

Thank you again so much for the knowledge on how to start really working respectfully with these beings and forming the right relationship with the spirit world – words can’t express how amazing it is when the spirits invite you back to the land to continue doing healing work.

The opportunity to carry out this work is an honour and a privilege for which I have nothing but eternal gratitude.

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since I arrived back from Bali with Shamanic Energy Training - So happy with all the pictures taken as I had switched off my phone for the week to be able to emerge myself in the amazing content!

It was an epic and challenging week that tested my endurance and energy, but also a week of constant realignment, realisations, connections and clearing.

I’m incredibly honoured to have been taught with the amount of integrity, respect and depth that my teachers bring to the table, and I can’t recommend them enough.

The biggest thing I have learnt is how many “sacred spaces” aren’t being consciously held in the west.

With everyone wanting to share teachings, spiritual practices, work with plant medicines and basically “hold space” for people whom are on deep healing journeys, but not actually realising what they’re dealing with and how to actually keep a space clean, sacred and safe.

If your someone who is interested in working with plants, spirits, and healing in a way that is integral and for the highest good of the client, and people your working with, I can not stress this enough that this work needs a lot of time, practice and patience.I have a long road to go, but I’m excited to be able to learn from an authentic space that embodies their work 💓🌱🌈🌹🍄

I have been very quiet on social media for the past couple of months, to allow myself the space to integrate the shifts, changes, initiations and upgrades the Plant Spirit Ceremonialist Training has brought about to my energy field and life, and so as to respect the psychic privacy of this integration.

This week was one of the most potent experiences of my life, being the most in depth training I have ever undergone in a week. The amount of knowledge, wisdom, empathy and integrity imparted by the teachers and space holders is more than I have the words to describe. Deepest gratitude to Sharon Bolt, Joseph Callender, Andrew Paradnik and Joanna Southgate for holding such a sacred and deep container. And to the incredible students that felt like a little family to me! This is huge work to teach, let alone hold space for. It feels like the culmination of decades and decades of learning and experiences, being imparted in such a short time, though I look forward to the ongoing training. The depth of information, experience and alignment this training held is indescribable and is something I don’t believe words can do justice for, so I wish to just express my gratitude for now.

I am deeply excited to be stepping into the Dragon lineage and am deeply humbled to be taught by those with the utmost integrity and depth of training in sacred space holding and shamanic ceremonialist practices. Undergoing this training feels like the beginning of a long journey, yet it has allowed me to understand what a safe ceremonial space really means - something that is deeply needed but not always easy to find in this time and age. Not only was this training about holding a safe sacred space for others, but how to hold space for yourself first.

I am grateful for this deep initiation with Shamanic Energy Training and look forward to continuing and integrating this work, that just continues to delve deeper and deeper. Exciting things to come!

Eloise Fielke

Anja Tyrrell

Lisa Ray

Jo Bell Cummings

The Plant Spirit Ceremonialist training truly is an initiation. Working with the Plant Spirits, our Spirit Allies and the Spirits of the beautiful land of Bali has accelerated my growth and expanded my world in ways my soul has been yearning.

The transmissions and practices that were shared were incredible energetic upgrades and I am finding that my integration process is taking time.

I was grateful to have a couple of days to rest in Bali before returning to Australia, although ideally another week would have been ideal.

Since returning from Bali there are aspects of my world and my work that are unravelling and what is now emerging is a completely new version of who I am.

I’ve also found that despite the training having completed, new information and a deeper understanding of the work is revealing for me as I continue to embody and assimilate the teachings.

I have learned new ways of being, relating and showing up in the world. I’m now accessing unique aspects of the medicine that I carry and I’m organically creating effortless shifts within my world. I feel strong and deeply anchored in my truth.

Dear Sharon - deep bows to you and the team - and of course to the magical Dragon Lineage!

Thankyou, thankyou for guiding me home.

I have recently had the privilege of attending Shamanic Energy Training’s Plant Spirit Ceremonialist Training held in Bali, and without a doubt it has been one of the most profound and life-changing trainings I have experienced. I don’t know if my words will be able to articulate just how incredibly impactful these 8 days have been for me.

Spirit called me to the training and I had no idea why, and I admit there was a moment where I attempted to negotiate my way out of it for I knew the experience would completely shift the trajectory of my entire world.

Sharon and the team have an amazing and magical synergy that flows between them, and together they created a beautiful and stable foundation for us to receive deeply transformative transmissions. They are all wonderful humans who share with integrity, respect and a fantastic sprinkling of good humour. They each embody authenticity and humility and at all times I felt supported and held.

The content and teachings I received throughout the training has woven together a tapestry of an entire new way of being in relationship with Spirit.

I loved working with new Plant Spirits and learning how to work more thoroughly within the Medicine Wheel. I also really enjoyed learning new ways of working with the different Shamanic practices that were taught. I’ve very slowly begun to weave some of these teachings into my current work and I’m noticing radical shifts taking place for my clients.

So few words have been able to come to me each time I sit down to write my experience of the Shamanic Space Holder, Plant Spirit Ceremonialist training I recently did with Shamanic Energy Training in Bali.

For me it was a truly felt experience and words are unable to express the depth and enormity it has brought and will continue to bring to my life and others around me.

I learned the absolute importance and many layers to safe and sacred space holding amongst an incredible collective of souls that I am heartfelt grateful to know.

Much love and gratitude to Sharon Bolt, Joseph Callender, Andrew Paradnik and Joanna Southgate for your deep wisdom and teachings 🙏🏼

Each time I take a step forward it’s creating a new path that the step behind it didn’t know about until it arrived.I look forward to the next step on this journey, and the next, as it unfolds into the beauty of the unknown becoming known.

Suddenly the words have arrived and there’s so much to say, but the deep impact remains felt.

As I become gratefully initiated into the dragon lineage, I continue to do the work, layer upon layer and look forward to how it unfolds .🙏🏼✨

What an incredible experience provided by Shamanic Energy Training.

I feel incredibly blessed and honoured to have been able to embark on this training with such a magical group of people. An intense week which is only just the beginning of a life long journey for me.

I'm still lost for words to explain the entirety of what the weeks training entailed and excited to discover where all of my new knowledge and learning will take me to next. Life is a beautiful mystery.

Thank you to SharonBolt, Joseph Callender, Andrew Paradnik and Joanna Southgate for your authenticity, integrity, compassion and support in all of your generous teachings, as well as all the laughter and joy you bought to the space.

And of course, thanks to everyone who I got to share such a special week with, what a group! ❤️❤️❤️

Emma Ferguson

"It’s effecting my day to day life and personal practice greatly. My one on one healings have gone next level. I know this work is taking me somewhere, so when that door truly opens, I feel like I have the template to energetically hold space and do things properly."

"It has totally transformed my spiritual foundations, and rebuilt them on a stable platform. I feel much more aware and ready to be able to dive deeper and energetically support myself"

"100%. Life changing. Having had bare minimal experience in ceremonial practices I got the gold standard!"

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