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How do I know if this is right for Me?

The art of mastering ceremonial practice through solid space holding and energy principles is something that is not readily taught.

There are a lot of facilitator trainings to choose from, but many do not teach, or include, space holding and energy principles.

It is assumed people can naturally hold space, but this is actually an art that needs to be cultivated and mastered over years.

One would normally have to learn these skills, and how to work with a Plant Spirit, over a period of several years, via an ongoing apprenticeship.

This retreat, will teach you the foundational principles of shamanic practice and space holding,

and provide guidance and feedback on your own efforts; whilst giving you practice and supervision. You will receive templates for circle, and ceremony work; and be instructed in key foundations for genuine space holding, whilst you learn how to work with the energy in ceremonial space.

This unique training will show you what it takes to hold sacred spaces with integrity, honour and love.

We will work with the lineage plant spirits of Cacao and Blue Lotus, which are calling many people into ceremony at present, as they will assist and enhance our interaction with the spirit world.

Additional plants will be brought in to support the retreat as needed, especially some which are masters of psychic protection.

Course Content:

  • Earth Medicine and Magic Ceremonial protocols and templates
  • Best Practice for The Sacred Tools: the altar, the vessel, the voice, the rattles / drum, the mask, the shadow, the plant spirits, the spirit team and the elements.
  • Creating an Interdimensional Altar – Learning how to stop others from psychically attacking you via your altar; how to ensure the altar is grounded and clear; how to invite only benevolent spirits into your space, dos and don'ts of elemental incorporation.
  • The Vessel / Space Holder – integrity in the work; warning signs of possession, ego takeover and misuse of power.
  • Energetic hygiene, integrity and ethics for the space holder
  • The Voice – speaking from the heart, how to be a true channel for the plant spirit you work with, how to know when you are speaking from your heart vs ego

You are:

  • already facilitating circles and would like to learn about the energetic dimensions of ceremony and spirit work - or
  • already facilitating classes like yoga / dance, or community gatherings and would like to start new offerings within your existing community - or
  • a healer wanting to include plant spirit ceremonies within your offering - or
  • plant lovers who are wanting to develop or strengthen your understanding and relationship with your plant spirit allies

You must be willing to serve your spirit team, the planet, your community and of course yourself.  Once you start spirit work, you will be called into service in ways that will surprise and delight you, but it is unsung work with which you need to be comfortable.

True shamanic work is spirit work and the vastness that this brings.   This work is for grounded people who are willing to adopt an attitude of beginner’s mind and be surprised and be willing for their current paradigm of reality to be challenged.

This is an interdimensional training and there are many layers to this work.

  • Musical instruments – bring your own drums and rattles so that you can be shown how to work with them in ceremony
  • The Mask, the Mirror and Shadow – important, but, often overlooked.  You will leave this week with less masks and a deep awareness of your shadow for integration and healing.
  • The Plant Spirits – working with plant spirits with integrity, plant allies and reciprocity, plant spirit contracts
  • The Spirit Team – best practice for working with spirits in ceremony
  • Energy Principles and Intention
  • Light and shadow – the sacred neutral
  • Shamanic journeying for participants
  • Energetic space management
  • Management of participants – assessment, clearing, protection
  • Blue Lotus background, history & prayer
  • We will be working with Lotus from 5 different countries and various colour combinations. Learn how to listen to the different spirits from each country/region and how to adjust your brew to reflect that.
  • Recipes and guidance on brewing and blends for Cacao and Blue Lotus.
  • Offering one to one healings with our hero plants
  • Claiming your medicine – discover your unique relationship and offering with Cacao and / or Blue Lotus
  • Unique rituals / ceremonies to use in circles including full ceremonial outlines.
  • What you must know and do before running a ceremony in any new land or venue
  • High Magic and Low Magic
  • Working with flower magic and tree spirits in ceremony
  • Initiation with 2 other surprise plant spirits – psychic masters of protection
  • Ethical marketing of your work
  • Ceremony Teams and Leadership
  • Cacao and Blue Lotus Transmission & Initiation
  • Cacao background, history & prayer – we will be working with cacao from MesoAmerica, Africa and Bali.

Becoming a truly competent Shamanic Ceremonialist takes many years of work. The teachings of this workshop are an accumulation of 17 years of personal experience and wisdom from many masters.

‘Plant Spirit Ceremonialist’ is a chance to meet  the spirit patrons of Cacao and Lotus in their rawest essence; working with cacao and blue lotus from all around the world in different formats.

To assist you on your journey to becoming a strong Circle facilitator and in time, a Ceremonialist, we have created an immersive and potent experience into the deeper workings of the Cacao and Blue Lotus Plant Spirits.

About Sharon Bolt

A skilled Master Trainer & Ceremonialist, Sharon's qualifications include training as an accredited kinesiologist, clinical hypnotherapist, Family Constellations practitioner, past life regressionist, NLP practitioner, holistic healer, health consultant, energy coach, and core shamanism guide. Sharon is also a trained chi kung instructor, which involved her studying the Korean branch of this mind-body energetic arts system for seven years. During her training in this discipline - which also involved living with Korean energy masters for two years - she was a practicing Taoist monk, and ran an Energy Training Centre in London which boasted over 200 members.

Sharon is not a spiritual lightweight when it comes to seeking out and embodying new realms of esoteric and traditional knowledge, and has undergone rigorous shamanic initiations in different parts of the world (Peru, Korea, UK, Bali, Australia) in order that she may “walk her talk”.

Sharon now teaches a fusion of her chi kung and shamanic training expertise (Shamanic Energy Training) which is an embodiment programme of personal empowerment – allowing students to ground and incorporate key energy principles into their everyday lives.

The leadership and responsibility skills Sharon developed from an early career as a Global Account Director for London based Advertising Agencies, helps her conduct extremely-organised large scale events ‍.

Sharon is a grounded facilitator who is both empathic and decisive in her approach to group (and individual) interactions.

A prolific collector of wisdom from a diverse spectrum of schools and traditions, Sharon shares her learnings and insights with the larger community, holding events and programmes, which encompass a wide range of her experiences: Plant Spirit Communication, Energy Healing, elemental magic workshops, Pendulum Dowsing training, women’s only sensuality training, and more.

Sharon creates grounded spaces that offer up evolutionary opportunities, and is used to working with the deepest wounds in people – emotional and otherwise. A wounded healer herself, Sharon is a spiritual midwife, and helps people ‘birth’ their True Authentic Selves.

Sharon also enables people to work with their inner shadow, using techniques that are both deeply healing and transformational in nature. In addition to all of this, her unique ability to work with plant spirits in other dimensions allows for new frequencies to come through in ceremonial settings, providing deeper insights and awakenings.

A native of Nicaragua, Sharon’s lineage is Mayan, Spanish, English and Hungarian.  She comes from a bloodline of spirit workers and curanderos (healers).

Websites: sharonbolt.com & shamanicenergytraining.com.au


Sunday 13th - 20th of October 2019