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Image By: Autumn Skye Morrison

New Cacao

Ceremony Outline

  • Immersion 1: Elemental Group Cleanse & Cacao
  • Cacao Spirit talk
  • Candle Magick Manifestation Ritual
  • Immersion 2: Surprise ***
  • Immersion 3: Cacao brew
  • Embodiment Practices
  • Shamanic Drum Journey
  • Crystal Healing
  • Plant Limpia (Aura Cleanse)
  • Didgeridoo Sound healing
  • Celtic Sound Healing
  • Immersion 4
  • Water Blessing
  • Immersion 5 & 6
  • Taoist Tea Ceremony
  • Close

*** Please note there will be additional plant spirits included in the ceremony and None of the hero plants featured are listed as psychoactive.

  • Deepen connection between you and your Higher Self  & Spirit team.
  • Open your energy body, explore embodied practice, ground and integrate.
  • Heart centred embodied practice with a team of practitioners offering a variety of approaches to mind, body, spirit connection
  • Explore energetic sensitivity, cultivation, and mastery of your energy
  • Inquiry into the process of receiving spiritual insights for your self and for the collective.

Join us for an immersion into the Mayan Medicine of Cacao, a masterful plant teacher that originates in Central and South America.

In this immersive half day retreat, a multi-disciplinary team of practitioners will deliver an embodied ceremonial practice utilising cacao in 6 different formats (ingestion methods), including witch’s herbs, aura plant cleanses, crystal healing, yin and yang embodiment exercises, sound healing and much more.

This will be a truly immersive and sensory shamanic event to experience and share.

Cacao Immersion

We invite you to experience the Spirit of Cacao in a space of ceremonial intent led by an initiated Shamanic Practitioner and a team of professional space holders. You will be initiated fully into the many ways to work with cacao. We will educate and empower you to start your own relationship with this Plant Spirit in a full sensory and integrated way.  

We hold a very tight and grounded Taoist Ceremonial Space which can facilitate a deeper connection between you, your Higher Self and your own Spirit team.

This Ceremony has been designed to open your energy body so that you can merge and embody this medicine cleanly, yet still remain grounded.

We are Shamanic Energy Trainers, who believe that all shamanic work needs to be embodied so that your journeys can have value and meaning in ordinary reality.  Our goal for you is that you experience a Heart-Centred-Embodied-Practice, begin to understand your own energy mastership, in the hope you receive spiritual insights for yourself, the one's you care about, and the collective.

You will be introduced to the full spectrum of Cacao including it’s shadow parts and what true plant spirit relationship involves. We encourage you to come with an open mind,  releasing expectations and preconceived notions of what you will gain or take away from this immersion.  

Spirit of Cacao

This will help to foster a sense of personal direct experience. This way you are free to experience the true vastness of this Spirit without preconceived notions. We aim to remove the ceiling that some ceremonialists unwittingly impose on groups.

This cacao immersion is an opportunity for you to work with this Spirit in a unique way with different methods of receiving the Spirit in your energy field.

The day includes, magical practices, embodiment exercises and spirit journeys.  You will be given the crystal to take home with you as a way of continuing the work after the ceremony.

The Brew is a powerful and magical blend of Guatemalan ceremonial cacao with some of Sharon's Witch’s herbs, flower essences, animal essences, plant spirit essences, superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and essential oils.

One herb we will be working with is known for making your intentions to be focused like an arrow and an other one is the master protector of witches and magicians.

On the night we will reveal the specific totems for this ceremony, the crystal deva that will be leading the crystal healings, and all the plant spirits specifically chosen for this event.

This event is multi-layered and designed to work at different levels in your energy field and body.

Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes, this will have energy training and yoga activities which involve movement and postures.

Bring a yoga matt and water bottle.

Maximum event size is 35 people.

Investment is $95 for the Event.

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The Next Cacao Ceremony will be 2020

Sharon: 0499 079 089  

Joseph: 0499 619 244


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